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Hundreds of celebrities predict that the new trend of blockchain industry in 2021: the 20th era of industrial blockchain may come

Time : 20/06/2021 Author : vodl6k Click : + -
        Standing at the historical gate of "great changes not seen in a century", how can we get rid of the confusion and recognize the new trends in the blockchain industry in the year of the general trend line? How to seize the new opportunities in the new world of blockchain? In response to this, huoxun finance, a well-known blockchain media in China, recently held the first stop conference of Huo watching China in Shenzhen (hereinafter referred to as "Huo watching conference"). The theme of this fire watching conference is "100 years of great changes in digitalization / new finance / new talents under the new infrastructure". More than 100 well-known people, including representatives of giant companies, scholars and experts, well-known technologists, senior investors, and practitioners of the computing industry, gathered together and collided with many wonderful ideas.
        Yu Jianing, the rotating chairman of the blockchain special committee of China Communications Industry Association and President of Huo coin University, said that the era of industrial blockchain 2.0 is likely to come in 2021. The five areas that deserve the most attention in 2021 are industrial chain, asset chain, data chain, technology integration and the application of central bank digital currency. Houjunhui, vice president of Jingtong technology, said that there may be many applications in 2021, and there may be many "killer" applications with good business or potential or subversive value in 2022. According to Wang Honglong, vice president of entropy chain technology, there will be more opportunities for industrial blockchain in the field of government affairs in 2020. He believes that the trend of industrial blockchain in 2021 will definitely develop in a better and larger direction.
        Zhou Feng, co-founder of vntchain, said that the future is a digital physical world. The superposition of blockchain and other technologies will certainly bring more breakthroughs and rapid development to this industry. Chen Shijia, CEO of wechat Tiancheng Technology, believes that whether blockchain can get a higher development depends on three elements: cognition, technology and policy. As time goes on, more and more people know blockchain, and their understanding of it will become more and more. Now the "neck" technology will be better next year. With regard to policies, we have received many positive signals overseas, so we are optimistic about the future. At the conference, zhaoyidan, the co-founder and general manager of the media business department of huoxun finance, also announced that Guanhuo will undergo a major upgrade in 2021:.
        First, from 2021, the annual mid year and year-end fire watching conference will be held in Shenzhen. The year-end conference will be held on the penultimate weekend of December, with a scale of at least thousands of people. Zhao Yidan said that Guanhuo has passed through the "bull and bear" in Shenzhen: on December 19, 2018, when the industry was in a cold winter, the price of bitcoin was only $3664, but huoxun finance was able to successfully hold the thousand people conference of Guanhuo in Shenzhen. This month, affected by the Chengdu epidemic, the annual fire watching conference was temporarily relocated to Shenzhen. In only 10 days, it was still able to successfully host a high-end blockchain industry conference with great national influence in Shenzhen, which has proved the great vitality of Shenzhen, an international innovation city.
        Second, the fire watching China tour will be held in many places across the country in the future. The content covers industrial blockchain, digital finance, computing power industry and other topics. At that time, representatives from listed companies, financial institutions, well-known blockchain enterprises, Internet enterprises, academic organizations and other parties will be invited to speculate, promote cognitive upgrading, and enable the development of the industry. In addition, the fire watching conference also announced that the book "digital engine", CO authored by long Dian, founder of fire news finance, Fu Shengqiang, general manager of well-known Internet media companies, digital growth expert, and Zhao Changming, digital innovation expert, will be published by CITIC publishing house. It is expected to be available in January 2021. The system shared the author's views on blockchain, macro policies, block digital thinking, innovative products, digital marketing The deep understanding of channels and digital assets provides entity business owners with digital transformation ideas.
        It is reported that this book will use the technology of "one thing, one code, one pass", so that readers can get reading points, so as to quickly understand blockchain thinking. It may be the first book in history to use blockchain underlying technology thinking to issue points pass.
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