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BTC blockchain query,Hot! Samsung Galaxy and S10 support BTC and eth by default. Tens of millions of users will experience blockchain

Time : 18/10/2021 Author : 1ymzcr Click : + -
        On Thursday, Samsung released the first official description of its latest flagship mobile phone, the galaxys10, but only briefly mentioned its ability to store cryptocurrency private keys. And parkgeumo from South Korea succeeded in Samsung's d’ s in Seoul; Light flagship store tested the device. It was verified that Samsung's blockchain keystore application supports bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) by default. In addition, the wallet also has a cryptocurrency /token "add" button. Therefore, it is speculated that users will be able to use other cryptocurrencies and Ethereum based erc-20token through the wallet.
        First of all, starting the "blockchain keystore" Application on S10 will display a screen with "storing cryptocurrencies more securely" and a description of what you can do with the application. According to the terms and conditions of the application (t& CS), this blockchain keystore generates and stores a private key based on blockchain technology. The private key is located in the device's built-in secure encrypt device (trusted third-party hardware). It can use blockchain to securely sign and store cryptocurrency transactions. Foreign media coindesk Korea wrote that in fact, the company seems to be saying that in the long run, blockchain keystore application may be installed on all mobile devices developed and sold by Samsung Electronics, even laptops.
        T& CS also stated that the third-party services provided by its subsidiaries can also be used on devices, and various blockchain based decentralized applications (DAPP) will eventually be able to be used on galaxys10. It is worth noting that the wallet introduction video provides a menu called "dapps" and a cryptocurrency wallet button. When logging into the blockchain keystore application for the first time, Samsung explained that the user's "personal key" was necessary for using various blockchain services, and added that the key must be stored securely. In addition, the galaxy S10 series is also equipped with an AP (application processor) exynos9820 developed by Samsung.
        Exynos9820 also includes a semiconductor based cryptographic key management technology PUF. In fact, galaxys10 has enough security technology to safely store private keys. But if you lose your mobile phone, what will you do with your private key? According to t& CS, the private key stored in s10keystore, is backed up in the personal account provided by Samsung. If the mobile phone is lost or stolen, users can access the device and delete the private key through the "find my mobile phone" service. In addition, if a private key is accidentally deleted, users can recover it through this service. First, after entering the address, amount and fee to be sent, press the "send" button, and then it will prompt the user to confirm with fingerprint ID or pin code.
        In order to save the time of entering a long public cryptocurrency address and possible errors, users can use the camera to scan the available QR code to enter the wallet address. Interestingly, this blockchain keystore application also provides hints about the possibility of connecting to Samsung payment platform samsungpay in the future. The terms and conditions explain that Samsung payment service group is responsible for querying blockchain keystore payment. Samsung said that the galaxys10 will start shipping around March 8. According to the sales volume of nearly 40million units of Samsung's last galaxys9, bitcoin and Ethereum will soon welcome tens of millions of potential users, which may be very good news for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, but for wallet merchants, they will also face a very strong competitor directly.
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