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Opening of the first blockchain service network global technology innovation and Development Summit

Time : 14/01/2022 Author : 7rfo5y Click : + -
        Today (November 27), the first blockchain service network (BSN) global technology innovation and Development Summit and Hubei blockchain Technology Innovation Conference were held in Wuhan, Hubei Province. With the theme of "Jingchu on the chain, open a new chapter bravely", and around the "construction of new infrastructure and technological innovation and development of blockchain", this summit invited experts from well-known blockchain enterprises and institutions at home and abroad to share and exchange through speeches and round table forums. It is the summit that brings together the world's top blockchain experts this year. It is reported that the blockchain service network (BSN) is China's first fully independent intellectual property rights, blockchain based low-level global public infrastructure, and a secure, trusted and shared Internet service platform based on blockchain technology.
        With the help of blockchain technology, we can improve the intelligent level of social governance, create transparent, reliable, efficient and other applications, help the government improve the efficiency of government affairs in the scenarios of departmental data sharing, business linkage and so on, and effectively improve the digitalization and intelligence level of industrial chains in industries, Finance and other fields. The conference also officially launched the construction of Hubei blockchain service network (BSN) backbone network and government affairs private network, and announced that the permanent global venue of the blockchain service network (BSN) technology innovation and development summit was located in Hubei, and the blockchain service network (BSN) technology innovation base was located in Xiangyang, North Lake. (CCTV reporter Ni Jingyi and Pan Wei from CCTV).
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