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609 "Zhongke blockchain Morning Post"

Time : 19/06/2021 Author : kvr4yh Click : + -
        On the afternoon of May 22, 2020, Ren Haibin, deputy secretary of the working committee and director of the Management Committee of Nanchang Honggutan new area, Deng Yuefeng, member of the working committee of Honggutan new area, Lu Shang and Wu Liang, cadres of the foreign trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau of Honggutan new area, Liu Lanhua and Li Jun of the virtual reality industry development center of Honggutan new area, and their delegation visited the Shenzhen Office of Zero2IPO. Li Chungang, CEO of qingkong scientific innovation South China operation center and director of qingkong Zhongke, Qi Xianwei, chairman of qingkong Zhongke, and Liu Xingfu, chairman of Shenzhen qingkong, warmly received the delegation from Honggutan new area. Although it is tempting to talk directly about the current situation, I want to try my best to reject such temptation first and step back from the general background.
        I was born in 1949, exactly the year the people's Republic of China was founded. I grew up in the United States and grew up in the world order dominated by the United States. At that time, the dollar was the world's main reserve currency, and it is still. The new world order, which we are now familiar with, was actually established after 1945- In the past week, the market value of the stable currency increased by about 276million US dollars; Usdt issued an additional 300million shares in Tron network. On the morning of May 22, 2020, Nanchang VR industry (Shenzhen) symposium was successfully held at the Greater China Square in Shenzhen. Wu zhongqiong, vice governor of Jiangxi Provincial People's government, Huang Xizhong, deputy secretary and mayor of Nanchang, Hu Xiaohai, member of the Standing Committee and deputy mayor of Nanchang, Ren Haibin, deputy secretary of the working committee and director of the Management Committee of Honggutan new area, Chen Jinde, director of Guangdong Productivity Promotion Center, and other government leaders attended the meeting; More than 30 leading technology enterprises from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, including Tencent, ZTE, Huawei, Zhongke intelligent / qingkong Zhongke, Shangtang technology, geruling technology, attended the meeting.
        The annual China college entrance examination is coming. Wu said that the blockchain query found that many simulated Geography Papers of the college entrance examination appeared the "Sichuan bitcoin mine", including the original sprint simulation paper of the new college entrance examination of the 2020 national hundred schools joint examination, the full simulation (III) Liberal Arts Comprehensive geography test of the college entrance examination of Zhengzhou foreign language school in Henan Province, and the special topic 15 of the simulated geography of the three-year college entrance examination of the five-year college entrance examination.
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