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Global blockchain asset trading platform gateio accelerates global expansion strategy

Time : 08/07/2022 Author : rujm71 Click : + -
        Global blockchain asset trading platform gate IO is accelerating its global expansion strategy, and is recruiting and expanding its business in several key countries, including Turkey, Japan, Brazil, etc. Regardless of the current market conditions, the exchange is stepping up its global expansion. When talking about's global expansion strategy, gate IO founder and CEO Hanlin said: we have been working in this industry for nine years. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will reshape the digital world. We don't foresee anything that can stop this. Gate. IO will unswervingly expand to increase the number of new users, establish new partnerships, provide accessible services, and help promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies.
        In May, gate IO opened an office in Maslak, one of the business districts in Istanbul, Turkey, and has since formed a team to supervise the Turkish business. As one of the largest asset selection platforms in Turkey, is already famous in the cryptocurrency community in the country. Further, gate IO also began to strengthen teams in Brazil, Japan and other countries. Each target country is a hotspot of cryptocurrency, which is experiencing a new trend of increasing users of cryptocurrency, and the user base of in these regions is also increasing. When evaluating the key areas of the target, gate IO considers the adoption rate, encryption friendliness of countries and populations, and which countries have the highest rate of new users.
        In addition, gate IO is preparing to comply with local regulations and legislative prospects to ensure current and future compliance. In taking a cautious approach to expansion, aims to consolidate its new business in various regions. Gate. IO is seeking corporate and financial partners and is preparing to participate in industry activities to strengthen its reputation in existing specific regions and expand partnerships. In addition, it will gradually adjust its services to meet the specific interests and needs of each region, leaving no room for compromise in terms of product quality and services. Gate. The new countries of IO landing are not limited to these three. However, they are central locations identified as key steps in globalization.
        Gate. Io's global strategy is to expand and strengthen its global presence. Establishing businesses in Turkey, Brazil and Japan is the first key step to expand influence. In addition, its strategy aims to make gate IO can provide top-level digital asset services to more global users and help accelerate large-scale adoption. It did so out of a long-term outlook for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, believing that this technology has great potential to improve the global society, which is obvious in the bear market.
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