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Bbecoin, the world's first blockchain digital currency exchange

Time : 19/06/2021 Author : h6e2sb Click : + -
        Bbecoin is a super encrypted asset trading platform, which mainly provides trading services for blockchain currencies, with high security. Bbecoin is headquartered in Singapore and registered in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, South Korea, Japan and. Australia and other countries and regions have independent operation teams, and currently have users in more than 77 countries. We will continue to explore and develop into a global. Bbecoin exchange has made major innovations in technology and operating rules. Technically, 100% cold wallet storage mechanism, complete isolation of the public network, limit protection.
        Bbecoin is a new generation of encrypted asset trading platform, with high performance of million level transaction concurrency. It adopts multi node and global custody and clearing base. Bbecoin is a decentralized asset custody clearing technology. Based on blockchain technology and community consensus, it comprehensively uses cryptography and blockchain.
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