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Compared with 18000, python, top45 projects, it is worth learning!

Time : 30/07/2021 Author : fyntoj Click : + -
        [guide] mybridgeai, a popular resource blog, compared 18000 Python projects and selected 45 of the most competitive projects. We have translated it and send it here. This list includes 20 different topics, and some experienced programmers share their experience in using python, which is worth collecting. Mybridgeai's ranking combines the content quality assessed by internal machines and various human factors, including reading times and reading duration. Pyalgorithm is a module written in pure Python style. By importing the required algorithm, the corresponding code and time complexity can be obtained.
        This is a good way to start learning python programming, which can help beginners learn and implement all the algorithms in Python. In this tutorial, you will learn how to effectively use list generator to create lists, replace (nest) for loops, and use map (), filter (), reduce () functions in Python. The article first briefly reviews the basic concepts of lists in Python and compares them with other data structures in Python. Then it explains the learning of list generator. The article also explains the mathematical knowledge behind Python lists, the method of creating list generators, and how to rewrite them in for loops or lambda implicit functions.
        Dunker is a special method in Python, which exists in the form of double underlined start and end, such as__ init__ To enrich the predefined methods of the class. I wrote an open source robot in Python on instagram (I have 2500 fans, and the server cost is only $5). Through this tutorial, you can learn how to use Python to read and import Excel files, and how to write data into these spreadsheets. How does the bitcoin market behave? What is the reason for the sudden peak and trough of cryptocurrency value? Are different altcoins markets indivisible or basically independent? How can we predict what will happen next?.
        This article will briefly introduce how to use Python to analyze cryptocurrency. This article uses a simple Python script to retrieve, analyze and visualize data on different cryptocurrencies. In this process, the article will also reveal these volatile market behaviors and an interesting evolution trend. There is no doubt that blockchain, a novel technology, is a miracle of computing. The emergence of blockchain technology has triggered new all digital currencies, such as bitcoin and Wright coin, which are not issued or managed by central authorities. Blockchain has also revolutionized distributed computing in the form of technology such as Ethereum, and introduced interesting concepts such as smart contracts.
        This article will help you learn and understand the working principle of blockchain. Through this tutorial, you will learn a powerful blockchain and master their workflow. This article will write a basic video synthesizer in Python, and use aubio for set target detection. Can you reach 1million requests per second with Python? In order to save server prices, many companies are migrating from Python to other programming languages recently. But it is not really necessary. The python community has recently done a lot to improve performance. Cpython3.6 improves the performance of the overall interpreter through the new dictionary.
        Cpython3.7 will be faster due to the introduction of faster calling conventions and dictionary lookup caching. For digital processing tasks, you can use pypy for code compilation. You can also run numpy's test suite, which has now improved the overall compatibility of python with C language extensions. In subsequent updates, pypy is expected to be compatible with python3.5. This article will introduce some content about asyncio in Python and discuss the speed of Python. This article will introduce a quick method to speed up Python memory code.
        You will see when and how to use Python to memorize code. Memorizing code to optimize your program will speed up your code in some cases. Django is a web framework written in Python. This article is a series of tutorials to introduce the basic knowledge of Django, which is divided into seven parts. It will discuss all the basic concepts in detail from installation, preparation of development environment, model, view, template, URL to more advanced topics (such as migration, testing and deployment). This article will introduce how to use Django to build a test driver of restapi, and introduce each step in detail.
        This article focuses on how to migrate from Python to numpy in a vectorized way. In addition, this article also includes some rarely mentioned tips. Game theory is used to study the strategic interaction between rational subjects: the study of the interaction behavior of both parties when they try to complete something in the most beneficial way to each other. This article will use nashpy in Python to study the interactive behavior of this bilateral game. This article will build a model and explain the principle of Markov process through the examples of chutes and ladders games. The whole analysis process is accompanied by Python source code, and interested readers can try it.
        The intersection of science, politics, personal opinion and social policy can be quite complex. The intersection of ideas and disciplines is often filled with controversial views and agendas based on faith but lacking empirical evidence. At this time, data science is particularly important in this regard, because it provides a method to investigate the world based on actual facts, and can deeply understand some of the most important problems we face today. In this article, we will use Python to analyze some political behaviors of the U.S. federal government, and have an in-depth understanding of the story behind politics. The author wrote a simple Python script to integrate each kind of scoring data in Amazon Product review data set, and analyze and score these Amazon Product review data to find out users' preferences.
        The article interviewed the winner of kaggle's "Planet: understanding Amazon from space" competition, including how he used 11 fine-tuning convolutional neural networks, the structural model of label correlation, and how to avoid over fitting phenomenon. Guidovanrossum, the founder of python, once said, "Python is a high-level programming language. Its core design concept is to make the code highly readable and simple syntax. Programmers can express their ideas with a few lines of code.". This article lists some important exercises, including the python language itself and the standard library.
        There is also knowledge of different topic modules in Python. API is a general term to define the application program interface. In other words, it is the interactive interface between users (people or machines) and programs. In the web development world, an API is usually a website, which contains a series of endpoints to respond to client requests and structured text data. This article will tell you why and how to design a correct API, and how to implant your own ideas into API design to build your own API. For the current popular Python language, there are too many tutorials, books, videos and blog post resources. However, with so many redundant materials, how can you choose the best way to start your Python learning journey? This article lists the learning experience shared by six Python experts. I believe it will benefit you in confusion.
        Python is the best programming language for data analysis, thanks to its built-in dependency library. Dependency library can store, manipulate data, and obtain core information from data, so it is widely used in the field of data science and shows powerful functions. This paper introduces the application history and the latest development of Python in the field of data science.
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