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The change of hands of blockchain concept will be born in these tickets! (attached table)

Time : 04/10/2021 Author : k79xez Click : + -
        The hottest topic at the weekend is blockchain, and the idea of trading in advance. At the opening of trading this morning, blockchain concept 100 shares rose by the limit, and technology white horse, great wall of China and Hang Seng electronics also directly opened the limit; Stimulate% of the two cities. After the opening, the index soared by one degree, but the great wall of China, Hang Seng electronics and other sectors exploded, and the blockchain sector released a lot of transactions, drawing blood from other sectors, and the index fell. In the intraday changes in securities companies, Guosheng Financial Holdings, which superimposed the blockchain concept, hit the daily limit, and the first venture, which also superimposed the blockchain concept, rose by 7%, driving the stock of securities companies to rise. Market popularity has been activated across the board, and the weight has risen with technology and themes. Technology white horse has taken the lead in the surge, while Inspur software and San'an optoelectronics have taken the lead in the surge.
        In the afternoon, the two cities fluctuated in a narrow range, and the index rose slightly. The Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.85%, the Shenzhen Composite Index rose 1.46%, and the gem rose 1.74%. Transactions in the two cities totaled 520.3 billion, a new high since October 14. The net inflow of foreign capital throughout the day was 3.701 billion, with a cumulative net inflow of more than 30 billion since October! The popularity has warmed up across the board. For the whole A-share market, you can be optimistic. At present, the Shanghai stock index is only 20 points away from 3000 points, and it is expected to hit 3000 points tomorrow! The Fourth Plenary Session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China this week, the APEC meeting on November 16, and the expectation of another expansion of MSCI in November will continue to stimulate the market.
        Today, the volume of the two cities generally rose, and 151 shares in the two cities rose by the daily limit, of which the blockchain concept exceeded the daily limit of 100 shares, which was as crazy as xiong'an and venture capital before! After hours data showed that there was a fierce game between hot money and institutional funds in blockchain concept stocks. Among them, China Great Wall was bought by CITIC Securities Shanghai Branch for 83.86 million yuan and sold by an institution seat for 48.6 million yuan; Zhidu shares were purchased by Guotai Junan Shanghai Jiangsu Road business department for 19.39 million yuan; Donghua software was bought by Guangfa Securities Xi'an south Guangji Street business department for 26.35 million yuan and sold by two institutions for 56.56 million yuan. Starting tomorrow, the blockchain will enter the phase out period, and part of it will be eliminated every day; There will also be a small number of dissenting votes, which will be put on the board again after the disagreement. This opportunity is not easy to grasp.
        The most valuable participation is the opportunity to change hands. In general, blockchain and the concept of digital currency have been hyped for many times recently, so I'm afraid the height of this first batch of hype can't be compared with the first wave of market of xiongan and venture capital. Today, the volume of transactions in the two cities is generally up, with 520.3 billion transactions in the two cities, while the transaction of a blockchain sector is as high as 67.3 billion, accounting for 13%; After the opening of many tickets tomorrow, it is estimated that more funds will be consumed. Blockchain has successfully activated technology stocks, and today, technology white horse has generally soared. The most important thing tomorrow is to see the performance of technology stocks, which is also an opportunity for better participation. Blockchain concept takes the lead to activate popularity and attract capital return; The extent to which the market as a whole can be fried depends on how prosperous the fire of technology stocks can be &hellip& hellip; The wider the spread of technology stock speculation, the better the popularity, and the more active the market!.
        The second phase of the national large fund was registered, and the concepts related to integrated circuits rose sharply, the photoresist concept took the lead in rising, and NTU optoelectronics took the lead in rising the limit. This time, 200 billion yuan was raised. According to the experience of the first phase, a 1:5 leverage can drive 1 trillion yuan of social funds, which is a huge amount of funds. I have speculated about this matter in the past two months. The main direction of speculation is the concept of integrated circuit equipment and materials. The main investment direction of the second phase of the large fund will turn to downstream applications (such as AI, 5g and the Internet of things) and upstream semiconductor equipment and materials. Semiconductor materials: Zhonghuan Co., Ltd. (large silicon wafer material), NANDA Optoelectronics (photoresist), powerful new materials (photoresist), Rongda photosensitive (photoresist), developed new materials (target), Jiangfeng Electronics (target), ashichuang (target), Shennan circuit (IC carrier), Dinglong Co., Ltd. (polishing chip material), etc.
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