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Hengqin innovated and implemented the "blockchain +" tax related business of equity transfer "all online"

Time : 03/08/2021 Author : 03vd6j Click : + -
        CNR Zhuhai news on November 28 (reporter guoxiangyu, correspondent Huang ting) "I was not familiar with the equity transfer process before. The tax officer video was online and completed in less than minutes. The tax payment certificate was also automatically sent to the industrial and commercial department. I didn't go to the tax bureau to do the whole thing once. I didn't expect it to be so convenient." Said Ms. Yan of Zhuhai Sanchuan Zhiyuan Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Recently, the tax department of Hengqin New Area innovatively applied "blockchain + tax" to realize the "whole process online handling" of personal equity transfer tax related businesses, effectively improving the convenience of taxpayers. This is also a new breakthrough in Hengqin's further expansion of the business scope of "no need to run at one time" in tax matters, and promoting the process of full-service online handling of the tax office.
        Since its implementation for a week, Hengqin has completed 196 individual equity transfer tax related businesses online, which has been widely praised by taxpayers. According to the relevant person in charge of the tax administration department of Hengqin new area tax bureau, individual equity transfer involves tax, market supervision and management departments and other departments. In the past, taxpayers had to "run at two ends" to handle equity transfer. First, they went to the market supervision and management department to register individual equity changes, and then went to the tax department to declare and pay taxes. Now in the "after tax" mode, taxpayers can directly handle tax declaration and payment through the natural person electronic tax bureau and the v-tax remote visual self-service tax platform, and then the tax payment information is shared across departments, so taxpayers do not need to go to the tax bureau, which effectively saves time and manpower.
        The key to the realization of this innovative measure is the "blockchain + tax" information sharing application platform created by Hengqin tax innovation. This platform is specially equipped with a "personal equity information" module, which gives the market supervision and management department the authority to verify the electronic data of personal equity transfer tax payment information through this system on the basis of ensuring the safety and reliability of data based on blockchain technology, The market supervision and management department can log on to the platform to query the "inspection form of individual shareholder equity transfer information", and take this as the basis to handle the transfer equity change registration for individuals. At the same time, the platform automatically generates a QR code from the electronic data of tax payment information and sends it to the taxpayer's mobile phone in the form of SMS, so as to realize the synchronous sharing between the tax department, the registration department of market entities and the taxpayer.
        It is understood that Hengqin's unique location advantages, tax preferential policies and special talent policies have attracted many enterprises to choose to register and operate in Hengqin, resulting in a large amount of equity transfer business. Among them, the monthly declaration volume of individual equity transfer business has reached more than 600. The application scope of "whole process online handling" of individual equity transfer tax related business is wide, which will effectively improve the tax experience of taxpayers. The application of "blockchain + tax" information sharing application platform can not only improve the convenience of taxpayers, but also further promote the internal process optimization and scientific management of tax departments. The person in charge of the personal income tax management department of Hengqin new area tax bureau said that in the past, the statistics of individual equity transfer business by the tax department was manually entered, which was time-consuming and labor-consuming. Now the "blockchain + tax" information sharing application platform can completely record each individual equity transfer information and automatically generate an electronic management account, which is very convenient for query, statistics and export.
        On the basis of electronic management accounts, tax personnel strengthened the in-depth analysis and application of data, and carried out tax risk identification and response. Focus on strengthening the logical review of the equity transfer income and original value of equity between each equity transfer, and focus on the tax related risk points such as whether the net assets, profit growth rate and other data in the financial statements and the equity transfer pricing are reasonable, so as to effectively plug the loopholes in tax collection and management. And implement chain dynamic management of equity transfer, and continue to optimize and improve the follow-up management services of personal income tax after the "after tax" mode of individual equity transfer.
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