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The first state-owned digital collection trading service platform in Shandong is coming! "Seal data collection" will be launched on May 20

Time : 17/08/2021 Author : uphf21 Click : + -
        Shandong's first state-owned digital collection trading service platform — jointly built by Shandong Internet media group and Shandong Cultural Property Exchange& mdash; The "seal data collection" project will be officially launched on May 20. The "seal digital collection" project was launched on April 15. After careful preparation, the platform has entered the internal test and operation stage, and has obtained the qualifications required for the operation of the digital collection trading platform. It is reported that "seal digital collection" will actively respond to the national cultural digitalization strategy, implement the decision-making and deployment of Shandong provincial Party committee and provincial government on promoting the digitalization of public culture and implementing the digitalization strategy of cultural industry, commit to cooperating with domestic digital collection management, consulting, research institutions and platforms, jointly formulate norms and standards for the confirmation and transaction of cultural digital assets, and explore the establishment of digital product quality certification The production capacity certification mechanism of cooperative units, the construction of expert think tanks, IP resource libraries, institutional cooperation libraries, the establishment of an authoritative and professional digital collection trading service platform based in Shandong and facing the country, empowers the digital rational expression and formal trading of China's excellent cultural resources, and promotes the high-quality development of the cultural and tourism industry in Shandong Province.
        After the platform goes online, it will launch the issuance and sale of various cultural IP with rich categories, such as digital intangible cultural heritage, digital masters, digital cultural tourism, digital brands, digital trendy games, etc. Recently, the domestic digital collection market has continued to heat up, attracting the attention and active participation of all parties. Digital collections is actually an application form of NFT, that is, using blockchain technology to generate unique digital certificates for specific works and works of art, and on the basis of protecting their digital copyright, realize true and credible digital distribution, purchase, collection and use. Digital collections show potential value in enriching the model of digital economy and promoting the development of cultural and creative industries. Shandong Internet media group is a large-scale cultural media group in Shandong Province, which takes as the main body and integrates the new media resources of Dazhong newspaper group. It has high-quality media such as, poster news client, Shandong Mobile News and a wide range of users and social resources.
        The "Volkswagen chain" blockchain technology independently developed by the group will first be applied to the "seal digital collection" platform. In the future, it will rely on the "Volkswagen chain" to extend and develop a series of products such as immersive space and digital virtual human, and help the "Yuan" upgrading of Shandong's cultural industry through strong regional coverage, publicity resources, technical team and market expansion advantages. The construction of the "seal data collection" project marks that the Volkswagen newspaper group, which has a history of more than 80 years, has officially entered the relevant fields of "meta universe" and opened the exploration of the mode from "cloud service" to "meta service".
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