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Which platforms are most likely to be issued with a "regular" digital Tibet exchange license

Time : 09/01/2022 Author : 8rw09j Click : + -
        On July 12, the general office of the Shanghai Municipal People's government issued the 14th five year plan for the development of Shanghai's digital economy (hereinafter referred to as the plan). The plan points out that during the 14th Five Year Plan period, Shanghai will support leading enterprises to explore the construction of NFT trading platforms, and research and promote the digitization of NFT and other assets, the global circulation of digital IP, and the protection of digital rights confirmation and other related formats in Shanghai. This year, digital collection related industries continue to develop rapidly in China. At the level of industrial ecology, Xinhuanet, Shanghai cultural exchange, China International Cultural Exchange Center, and China Cyberspace Security Association have proposed to launch a national digital cultural innovation normative governance ecological matrix, with the goal of building an efficient normative circulation environment in China's digital cultural innovation and digital intellectual property rights.
        Insiders said that the combination of digital collections and traditional culture related content will become a new trend in the development of the industry. Now, with the main line of supporting the promotion of traditional culture at the policy level becoming increasingly clear, this will benefit the digital collection track. Shanghai has a rich talent reserve, and has accumulated a lot of experience in the previous exploration of blockchain. The release of this plan points out the direction for the future normative development of the industry, and will help Shanghai gain a first mover advantage in the new round of Internet competition. In fact, in addition to Shanghai, many cultural exchanges are also exploring whether the transaction of digital collections can be included in the business scope of the cultural exchange, in order to achieve the standardization of digital collection transactions.
        As a comprehensive cultural property exchange with property rights, creditor's rights, equity, intellectual property (copyright) and other trading objects approved by the national financial regulatory department, the cultural exchange has a deep relationship with digital collections, and its actions in the field of digital collections attract attention. Among them, the national cultural exchange is directly planned and supported by central ministries and commissions such as the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, including Shanghai and Shenzhen; The establishment of the local level document exchange was approved by the provincial / Municipal People's government and accepted by the inter ministerial joint meeting of the State Council. By building an alliance chain, launching a digital collection trading platform, publishing digital collections and other methods, the cultural exchange has entered the digital collection industry, and established normative systems and standards in terms of trading system and avoiding investment speculation, which can promote the entry of more project parties and distribution platforms, and help the standardized development of the digital collection industry.
        The efforts of local cultural exchanges in digital collections have never stopped. On June 26, initiated by the United Nations cultural property exchange, Anhui cultural exchange, beiwen center, southern cultural exchange, Hubei Chinese language exchange, Jiangsu Cultural Exchange, Shandong Cultural Exchange, Tianjin Cultural Exchange, Zhejiang cultural exchange and other member units of the cultural exchange alliance gathered in Changsha to hold a meeting of the national cultural exchange alliance to jointly discuss how to give full play to the platform advantages of the cultural exchange under the new situation and better embrace emerging business forms, Play a good game of "cultural digital economy". The combination of digital collections and the cultural exchange may prove that it is indomitable on the road of legal compliance and actively exploring a more reasonable trading mode.
        In addition, the seven level universe digital collection platform recently invited a number of state-owned enterprises and leaders to visit and exchange with Guangzhou Shengwei technology headquarters, and also reached a three-party talks with Donghai futures and Shenzhen Blackstone Asset Management Co., Ltd. its frequent actions can not help but make people imagine. It is reported that Guangzhou Shengwei Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the formal members of the yuan space industry committee of China Mobile Communications Federation. China Mobile Communications Federation is the only national social organization in the field of China mobile communications, and its members include China Mobile, China Unicom, etc. The committee was approved to be established on October 15. It is the first approved meta universe Industry Association in China and is committed to promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the meta universe industry.
        Metauniverse Industry Committee proposed that metauniverse is the third generation Internet and a new highland of global innovation competition. As an integration of cutting-edge digital technology, yuancosmos will be applied to all kinds of operation scenarios of the whole society to achieve high-quality development of digital economy, which will open a new space for human digital world. In addition, the seven level universe once published "when culture and art" hit "the digital age" (also known as: the value of digital collections in the eyes of the seven level universe), which was included and reprinted by learning power, people's daily Chinese network, China News Network people's information, and many official media in China network. As an excellent representative of emerging industries, he received an in-depth report on the theme of "combination of digital art and culture" from Guangdong TV station in level seven universe.
        Taking the cooperation between the seven level universe and the national intangible cultural heritage heritage heritage project Longquan sword as an example, the report expounds the charm and significance of the combination of digital art and traditional technology, and fully affirms the innovation of the seven level universe taking digital art works as a new carrier of cultural heritage. To sum up, with the forward-looking exploration and support of Shanghai, the author believes that in the near future, the seven level universe digital collection platform may be granted a "formal" digital collection exchange license. At that time, the platform will usher in a new round of take-off!. The seven level universe is one of the leading platforms in the field of digital culture and art in China. The platform focuses on the distribution and circulation of digital art collections with Chinese traditional cultural attributes. Based on the standards of deep cultural connotation, high artistic value and wide digital dissemination, it is committed to selecting and creating more valuable digital art collections for young people in the new era, while realizing the wider and deeper dissemination of traditional culture in the form of the trend of the times.
        At present, the seventh level universe has gathered millions of digital collection lovers, forming an influential digital collection exchange community.
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