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"Harvest" NFT: 200 yuan Taobao buy map chain sell 300000 yuan

Time : 22/06/2021 Author : b8jl5v Click : + -
        On July 20, several media reported that Tencent planned to abolish its "phantom core" business. Facing this news, Cheng Fang, the "gold digger" of the digital collection, said. In June, 2021, with the launch of the digital collection jointly released by Jingtan under ant and Dunhuang Academy of fine arts, and then detonated the market, NFT's take-off route in China began. Tencent, byte,, xiaohongshu &hellip& hellip; All major manufacturers are rushing to jump into the NFT market. On the whole, the NFT of major manufacturers is relatively conservative, complies with the regulatory requirements of "digital collections", focuses on the purpose of collection or brand publicity, and strongly restricts the circulation. For example, whale detective needs to hold it for half a year before it can be transferred, while magic core and JD Lingxi have not opened the transfer.
        But outside the big factories, there are many "gold diggers" like Cheng Fang, who operate small platforms that are not very compliant through various channels such as wechat official account and wechat applet, in order to get a piece of the NFT market. As a spectator, Cheng Fang only entered the digital Tibet market in February 2022. But on the whole, the threshold of NFT market is not high. Cheng Fang "first spent about 10000 yuan to make a wechat applet for digital collection distribution". At the same time, due to the lack of well-known IP, "he spent 200 yuan to buy a picture in Taobao store". In the end, unexpected benefits were obtained. Through the issuance and hype of "Genesis NFT", the final reserve price of Cheng Fang's first digital collection increased by nearly 10 times, and a total of 300000 yuan was sold.
        First of all, it is reflected in the sales volume and price of digital collections. "In July this year, the collection released by phantom core, which has always been short of seconds, was not sold out after two days, and finally stopped selling directly." NFT player Jiufang reluctantly told fuel finance. "The current price of a collection of Ibox, which was fried to more than 20000 yuan, has fallen back to 1000 yuan, and many players are trapped in the secondary trading market." Panda, the head of hotb hot bar, the first digital collection circulation platform in China, also said. Secondly, supervision is also becoming stricter. Following the closure of a number of data collection platforms in March, a new clause was added to the "wechat public platform operation specification" on June 20, and the account providing secondary transactions of data collection was rectified or even blocked within a time limit.
        In addition, in April, the China Internet Finance Association, the China Banking Association and the China Securities Association also issued the "initiative on preventing financial risks related to NFT" and introduced six codes of conduct, directly pointing to speculation and chaos. The cancellation of Tencent's "phantom core" business is seen as a signal of the "ebb tide" of the NFT market. However, for this news, fuel finance has learned from Tencent, and as of press time, it has not received a positive response. At present, Cheng Fang is still active in the NFT market, but the situation is much worse than before. "Now the revenue of various platforms has shrunk by more than 90%, and the living space of small platforms focused on speculation is getting smaller and smaller.". NFT market has always been flying over the God line of sudden wealth month, and the collection of domestic platforms is basically on the line, ranging from 10000 yuan.
        ”Panda told Caijing. On Ibox, the issuing price of the "liquid like you" collection was only 299 yuan, but it rose to nearly 20000 yuan within a week, and the transaction price was as high as 39000 yuan. The Dunhuang Feitian series digital collections launched by Jingtan in the early stage have been sold for more than 15000 yuan &hellip& hellip; Figure /ibox wants your liquid digital collection (left). Only care about the final income, regardless of anything else, and eventually natural chaos. "The distribution of NFT generally involves where you get the pictures, whether it is IP cooperation, artists, or other channels; in addition, there are casting costs and chain costs; in addition, there are costs such as team operations.
        ”Cheng Fang introduced. Generally, large IPS are in the hands of big platforms such as whale detection and magic core. For example, the Dunhuang Flying sky launched by the whale exploration is a cooperation with the Dunhuang Academy of fine arts. So if you can't get an IP platform, you have to think of other ways, such as Cheng Fang, which is to spend money to buy a map from Taobao. Another "gold digger" Bobo chose to cooperate with students majoring in art. It only costs 200-300 yuan to buy out a single work, and the price can reach 499 yuan on the platform. "Many players value the possibility of the late appreciation of the collection. As long as the collection transaction can bring benefits, it doesn't matter if there is no artistry." Cheng Fang said frankly. After finding the picture, it is casting and chain feeding.
        This is the most valuable part of NFT, because "the difference between digital collections and photos is that they are marked with blockchain technology to prove their uniqueness. Similar to game skins, you buy them with a unique number, but many small platforms can't even do this." Cheng Fang introduced. Cheng Fang bluntly said, "NFT of small platforms is generally just cast on the chain and does not support the circulation on the chain. All forms of transfer are internal circulation of the distribution platform. Therefore, private chains or overseas public chains are generally selected. The cost of these two kinds of casting and chain is relatively low. For example, the casting cost of BSN can be as low as 10 cents / piece, and the minimum cost of gas can be a few cents / piece.
        ”。 And "small platforms with a little conscience will really be on the chain. Some platforms without conscience will not be on the chain at all. They will directly sell pictures as e-commerce, and finally the community will directly become a rights group." Cheng Fang said. Recently, there are many running platforms, such as TT digital Tibet. Compared with the general production environment of "black workshop", the issuance and hype of NFT are hot. Cheng Fang entered the NFT market in 2022. When issuing the first phase of NFT, he adopted the method of "Genesis NFT" to hype the issuance. "Chuangshi NFT", that is, the NFT launched by the platform, often has large room for appreciation. Before Cheng Fang, another digital collection platform, Ibox, soared dozens of times through "launch" and "Genesis NFT".
        NFT players are also willing to participate in the rush purchase of "Genesis NFT" and "first NFT", buying everywhere in order to bet on the next Ibox. But this is only the first step to attract players' attention. Next, Cheng Fang set the price of a single collection at 299 yuan, and released the news that the platform would go online in the secondary trading market later, "then I did an airdrop activity, which is actually to pull new ones. First, take out some of the collections for a lottery, and the users who enter first will get the chance to draw a lottery when they pull new users.". With this, Cheng Fang established 6 or 7 full wechat groups through airdrop activities, and the price of the first batch of players' collections increased by 300%.
        Next is the most important hype link. "At this time, as long as we continue to hype and raise the base price of the collection, players will continue to catch up." Cheng Fang told Caijing that he had cooperated with many institutions to release the wealth effect of the platform. "Players can't help buying when they see the price rising.". Bobo, earlier than Cheng Fang, set up an NFT trading platform at the end of 2021. However, hype is still the focus of Bobo's operation platform. "If we continue to strengthen the possible late income of the collection in the player community, combined with new methods such as blind box, the phase I income can reach nearly one million yuan.". Bobo introduced to fuel finance that in the existing user community, he will improve user stickiness through the "open blind box" game.
        After purchasing the blind box, users can open collections with different attributes, but seven collections with different attributes can be combined into a rarer collection, and the price of a single rare collection is as high as 10000 yuan. Many players hope to get more than ten times the additional income, and will buy a large number of blind boxes within a limited period in order to synthesize rare collections, and the platform will naturally make huge profits. This is also right in the issuer's mind, "when the number has become a financial product, the leeks that are rich with one heart cannot be cut." Bobo said jokingly. The "take-off" of domestic NFT market can also be traced back to June 2021, the Dunhuang series released by Jingtan and Dunhuang Academy of fine arts. Since then, various platforms have emerged.
        According to incomplete statistics of "bullwhip", as of June 2022, the number of domestic digital collection trading platforms has exceeded 300, including Ali Jingtan, Tencent magic core, JD Lingxi, xiaohongshu R-space, Netease planet, B station "BiliBili digital collection", hi yuan universe, zebra China, unique art, meta vision, Dong Yiyuan, Ibox, hotdog, artpro&hellip& hellip; Figure / the number of digital collection platforms has increased significantly. "Digital economy in 2021 is a general trend, and NFT has already experienced market validation abroad. I am very optimistic about the prospects of the domestic data collection market.
        ”Panda told Caijing. Previously, as a senior consultant of digital collection distribution platform, panda highly recognized the value of digital collection using blockchain technology to generate unique digital certificates for specific works, which can not only protect digital copyright, but also each digital collection is unique and cannot be copied. "Everyone wants to find an interface to enter the meta universe, and I think digital Tibet is one of them." Therefore, in July 2022, panda created hotb, a data collection circulation platform, which was launched by 10000 people, and also attracted 100 + platforms such as Yihua data collection and number one collection. In addition to entrepreneurs like panda who recognize the value of digital collections, more founders of digital collections platforms such as Bobo and Cheng Fang have seen the huge profits.
        In June 2021, Jingtan, under Alibaba, launched its first collection, which can be used as the cover of Alipay and collected as "social currency" after players purchase, which has certain uniqueness. Since then, the sale of Bing Dwen Dwen NFT blind boxes has not only triggered a rush to buy, but also caused the price of second-hand transactions to soar nearly a thousand times. Limited Bing Dwen Dwen NFT seems to have become a new digital asset, slowly being endowed with financial attributes. "Especially from January to May this year, the digital Tibet market has become a new wealth making market. Taking unique art as an example, in the first half of 2022, the daily handling fee income was 20million yuan, the transaction volume of Ibox in May was as high as more than one billion yuan, and the handling fee income reached 30million yuan.
        ”Bobo cited. Not only the issuer, but also the buyer has tasted the sweetness of NFT. In August 2021, NFT player Hefeng bought the first collection of 20 yuan on a platform, and the after tax income from the resale reached 2700 yuan. Under the huge profits, no matter what kind of mentality you hold, you are easy to lose your mind. "Including me, the new distribution platform has grown savagely, imitating the marketing and hype of big companies in the head. The purpose of players in the market to buy collections has gradually changed from collection to making money." Bobo said. "On the one hand, the supervision has become stricter, and the platform has been prohibited from hyping with secondary transactions, resulting in a reduction of income by more than 90%; on the other hand, players who start collecting items are either unable to sell, or face a huge decline, cutting meat and selling, and several collections have become a new Ponzi scheme.
        ”Panda said, "a large number of players take a wait-and-see attitude and will not invest easily anymore.". On the one hand, new users don't buy the story of Tibet's sudden wealth. "A collection can be fried to nearly 100000 yuan, and the entry threshold for new players is too high." Panda said that for new users who did not receive the offer, the collections of old players could not be traded. Under the cover of pessimism, it was very easy to cause a price collapse. For example, the current price of a collection of Ibox, which was fried to more than 20000 yuan, has fallen to 1000 yuan, and many players were trapped in the secondary trading market. On the other hand, when the market is good, players buy in large quantities, hoarding a lot of collections in their hands, and begin to take a wait-and-see attitude towards new collections. "The platform can't be sold, and naturally the hype space is small.".
        ”Panda added. There are more and more discussions about "loss" in an NFT exchange group where fuel finance and economics is located. Many buyers said, "losing money is really fast" and "I don't panic at all, I'm used to losing money". Since 2021, Web3 track has been hot. As an application of blockchain technology and art, digital collections have attracted major Internet manufacturers to launch digital collection sales platforms. Among them, phantom core's online month, which is subordinate to Tencent's PCG department, does not open the gift transfer and trading functions. "Relying on big factories and IP resources in hand" makes phantom core's online collections "empty every second", and the single period revenue can reach 2-3 million yuan.
        Among many domestic NFT platforms, whale detection and phantom core are also two major heads. Data shows that at the peak of NFT, millions of users pour into these two NFT platforms every day. Now with head concussion, players naturally feel panic. Many players who start collecting items and only wait for the opening of the conversion function are very likely to lose their money. "I feel lonely and can only comfort myself that I have collection value." Nine parties said. Figure / data collection player discussion. However, most participants still have expectations for the future of NFT market. "Regulation can rectify the industry and make the market develop more orderly." Hefeng said. Panda also said that stricter supervision can "discourage" some small platforms from hype, screen out more high-quality platforms, reduce the losses caused by blind hype to players, and improve the player experience.
        Under the brutal growth, the current NFT market is in chaos. For example, not a few Tibetan platforms are just on the chain, but do not use blockchain technology, so that digital collections have become jpg images that only have the value of showing off or hype; In addition, some platforms that use blockchain technology do not have a high degree of completion, have not established an independent wallet system, and players do not have an address. Therefore, the collections purchased by players have not been distributed and are still stored on the platform side, and 80-90% of users cannot directly trade on the chain. Wangpengfei, CEO of Digital Collection China, said that the core of the next regulation is still to control secondary market transactions. Digital collections can be carried out under the regulatory framework of the cultural exchange, and the inclusion of regulation will also be conducive to the development of the digital collection industry.
        In addition, on July 13, the general office of the Shanghai Municipal People's government proposed to support leading enterprises to explore the construction of NFT trading platforms, and to study and promote the digitization of assets such as NFT, the global circulation of digital IP, the protection of digital rights confirmation and other related formats in Shanghai. In addition to Shanghai, the cultural exchanges in many places are also exploring a new path of data Tibet transaction compliance. According to the statistics of Prophet Youbao, 16 digital collection related companies obtained financing in the last half year, while only 7 digital collection companies obtained financing last year. Through the search, burning finance and economics found that these companies have strong game engine technology and meta universe technical strength, "after the market adjustment, it is expected to go out of the unicorn enterprises with excellent technology in the field of digital Tibet.".
        ”Panda added. Encryption artist Wang Zijian positively said that this is a normal law of market development, and it will definitely warm up in the future, and even usher in a big outbreak. At present, the digital Tibet market is mixed. If we eliminate a number of bad platforms through strict government supervision and screen out excellent platforms, we can better protect the players' sense of experience. According to the statistics of golden finance, in less than a year since NFT officially launched in China in the form of digital collections, about 4.56 million items have been sold on each sale platform, with a total circulation market value of about 150million yuan. At the same time, according to the data of toubao Research Institute, the business scale in China's digital collection market will reach 30billion yuan in 2026.
        Digital collections have the foundation to bring new forms and features to cultural undertakings, and they are also a way for consumers to contact cultural products. However, for industry participants, we must also see that nothing can prosper for a long time by hype, but we should return to the path of compliance and orderly development.
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