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"Comprehensively promote smart city construction" Beijing legislates to promote the development of digital economy

Time : 02/05/2022 Author : g4fpwz Click : + -
        On July 27, the 41st meeting of the Standing Committee of the 15th Beijing Municipal People's Congress heard the explanation of the regulations on the promotion of the digital economy (Draft) and the written report on the legislative work. This is the first time that the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress has examined the regulations of Beijing Municipality on the promotion of digital economy (Draft). The reporter learned that the draft regulation proposes to strengthen the construction of new technology infrastructure. Comprehensively promote the construction of new technology infrastructure such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and big data. At the same time, the bill proposes to comprehensively promote the construction of smart cities and makes relevant provisions on it. The bill proposes to optimize and upgrade digital infrastructure and accelerate the construction of information network infrastructure. Support the construction of a new generation of high-speed fixed broadband and mobile communication networks, quantum communications and other network infrastructure, and form a network service system; Promote the construction of the perceived Internet of things and improve the coverage of the Internet of things in industrial manufacturing, agricultural production, public services, emergency management and other fields.
        The bill also proposes to promote the development of cloud collaboration and computing network integration. Build urban intelligent computing clusters, strengthen the overall planning, intelligent scheduling and diversified supply of computing power, and promote the integrated development of data, computing power, algorithms and development platforms. In terms of strengthening the construction of new technology infrastructure, the bill proposes to comprehensively promote the construction of new technology infrastructure such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and big data, and support the construction of common platforms such as general algorithms, underlying technologies and open source software and hardware. The draft regulations also make provisions on promoting digital industrialization and promoting industrial digital transformation. It is proposed to enhance the innovation ability of key technologies. We will support basic research and key core technology research in the digital industry, and guide enterprises, colleges and universities, scientific research institutes and other institutions to focus on cutting-edge areas to improve the supply level of basic software and hardware, core components, key basic materials and production equipment.
        Accelerate the cultivation of new business forms and new models. Support the standardized and healthy development of data security service industry and platform enterprises; We should encourage innovation in the business format of the sharing economy, and support the full scene operation of autonomous driving, Internet hospitals, research and development supported by data, and the development of knowledge production industries. In promoting the digital transformation of industries, the bill proposes to comprehensively deepen the digital transformation of key industries. Establish and improve the industrial Internet identification analysis system and new industrial network deployment, and support industrial enterprises to implement digital transformation; Promote the construction of digital financial system and promote the development of Inclusive Finance with data fusion applications; Promote the high-quality development of digital trade, and build digital ports, international information industries and digital trade ports; Promote the digital transformation of agricultural and rural infrastructure, and improve the digital level of agricultural product production, processing, sales, logistics, etc; Support and standardize the new mode of digital consumption and improve the quality of digital life.
        The bill stipulates to comprehensively promote the construction of smart cities and proposes to strengthen overall planning. Follow the overall framework layout of "four beams and eight columns deep foundation" to promote the construction of smart cities; Establish a smart city planning system. The bill proposes to promote the "one network" of digital government affairs and accelerate the standardization, standardization and facilitation of government services; Promote the "unified management of one network" of urban operation, build an urban operation management platform, and realize the rapid response and emergency linkage of major emergencies; We will promote the "one network smart governance" of decision support, build a unified platform for smart decision application, and deepen data enabled grass-roots governance. Public institutions guide market players to participate in the construction of smart cities through the opening of scenes, and provide conditions such as testing, verification and application pilot for new technologies, new products and new services; The informatization projects invested by the government are required to comply with the smart city construction planning and top-level design, and realize the whole process management.
        Strengthen the ability of network security protection, focus on the protection of key information infrastructure, build a joint prevention and control mechanism of security risks, and take measures to monitor, defend and deal with network security risks. In response to the draft regulation, the financial and Economic Office of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal People's congress raised issues that need further study, such as strengthening the main responsibilities of processors and supervisors in data security; Promote the open sharing of data on a larger scale; Give better play to the government's role in promoting digital industrialization and industrial digitalization. The reporter noted that the finance and Economics Office of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's congress raised the issue of "improving the construction level of digital government and focusing on solving the digital divide". Digital government and digital society are important guarantees for promoting the development of digital economy. The bill should add relevant provisions on strengthening the construction of digital government to improve administrative capacity and efficiency by digital means, so as to better adapt to the development of digital economy.
        At the same time, the finance and Economics Office of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress believes that in view of the practical problems of some special groups in the application of intelligent technology, the bill should add relevant provisions on intelligent service innovation, strengthen the convenience of adapting to the elderly and helping the disabled in digital services, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of special subjects. Cuiyang, director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of justice, explained the draft regulations. According to statistics, the added value of the city's digital economy reached 1.6 trillion yuan in 2021, with a year-on-year increase of 13.1%, accounting for 40.4% of GDP. The scale and competitiveness of the digital economy are at the leading level in the country. At the same time, it also faces some prominent problems, such as the lack of planning guidance in the construction of digital economy infrastructure, low-level repeated construction, and insufficient sharing; The openness of public data sharing is not enough, the data quality is not high, the public data of the industry is monopolized by some enterprises, and the data trading mode is not perfect; The scale and volume of digital industrialization are not large enough, the quality of innovation is not high enough, and the leading role of innovation platform is not strong enough.
        "In order to solve the outstanding problems faced by the development of the digital economy, it is necessary to formulate special local legislation on the digital economy, establish a comprehensive, systematic and effective system of policies and measures to promote the digital economy, adapt to the development laws of new business forms and new models, create a legal environment to promote the development of the digital economy, and promote the scale and competitiveness of Beijing's digital economy to remain at the leading level in the country." Cui Yang said. It is reported that Beijing's digital economy legislation highlights the characteristics and highlights of the capital, and innovatively stipulates institutional mechanisms such as digital nativity, data capitalization, and data rights and interests protection, reflecting the country's leading level of digital economy development; For the first time in the country, the smart city construction will be independent into a chapter, creating a model for smart city development in Beijing; Build a data trading system, promote the pilot in the field of data factor market, and promote the efficient circulation and use of data.
        At the same time, we should pay attention to the pain points and difficulties in the development of enterprise digital economy, strengthen the institutional supply from the perspective of promoting development, give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, build a new order of fair competition and social life, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of new business groups in terms of power supply, vitality release, power enhancement, pressure transmission, etc. The legislation also upgrades the effective practices, experiences and systems of Beijing's digital economy development to local legislation, and promotes the high-quality development of the capital by means of the rule of law; Respect the general trend of "not yet finalized, but still highly developed and changing" of the digital economy. For the current "uncertain and incomprehensible" issues, local legislation should maintain an open and inclusive attitude, reserve enough institutional space, and provide a forward-looking institutional environment for the development of the digital economy.
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