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Duoduo video, Botao video, Xinghuo short video fraud exposure: another wave of fund fraud is online

Time : 22/10/2021 Author : sed78u Click : + -
        It is worth mentioning that there are more and more teams using short videos to do fund fraud. New projects come out almost every day; Emerging in endlessly, names of all kinds, too busy! Xiaobian decided that as long as one came out, it should be hung on the platform as much as possible. Spark short video, an application based on blockchain video social networking, after registering and passing the real name authentication, you can receive a white glove task for free. You can watch 3 minutes of video every day to complete the task and produce 0.5 Mengxing. Mengxing can be converted into MXB transaction cash. The transaction was opened on July 17, with an opening price of 7 yuan / piece. The grade dividend system and team promotion. Take the gloves with the largest grade as an example. My friends, how much do you get in a year? Then calculate the result, think about the possibility of this kind of income?.
        Founded in 2020, Zhejiang Broadcom vision Co., Ltd. is one of the first batch of blockchain technology innovation and application-oriented enterprises in China, focusing on the R & D and expansion of short videos. Its independently developed "Broadcom app" is the product of the high integration of modern technologies such as blockchain technology + artificial intelligence + big data analysis, so as to maximize the value of users' behavior and make awards open and transparent. The entity company project is currently in the powder locking stage, so we should pay close attention to the promotion, and the app will be launched soon. The above is the essence of the broadcast Taobao short video scam: novice friends, take the rune with the highest level as an example, calculate carefully, how much is the profit a year? Then calculate the result, think about the possibility of this kind of income?.
        After calculation, you will find that the annual income of these projects is about 400%. Earn four times a year. It's not a trick to draw big cakes to deceive people. What is it?.
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