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Overseas information Google becomes theta's preferred cloud service provider

Time : 08/02/2022 Author : h263zp Click : + -
        In 2020, the world will inevitably be severely impacted by the epidemic, but at the same time, it has also accelerated the process of "digital transformation" in all walks of life. Many organizations and enterprises regard blockchain as the core of cutting-edge innovative technologies. For example, the Swiss blockchain Association believes that blockchain can generate trillions of value. Dubai port also uses blockchain to accelerate the digitization process of Global trade. Korean hospitals want to reduce the frequency of admission of patients with chronic diseases through blockchain &hellip& hellip;。 According to cointegraph, blockchain technology company layerx has received financing of US $280million to expand the deployment of blockchain applications.
        The investment participants include venture capital companies JAFCO, ANRI and Yahoo group. Keisukemiyoshi, a member of the board of directors of JAFCO, said that this year's epidemic has exposed too many problems in Japan, but it has also further accelerated the transformation process of digitalization, making blockchain more than just a technology "on the lips". According to cointegraph, Vodafone, the world's telecommunications giant, has cooperated with energyweb, a blockchain start-up, to collect billions of distributed power generation assets through the Internet of things and distributed ledger technology, and create a security ID for them.
        Energyweb said that this means that renewable and distributed assets such as wind power, batteries, heat pumps and solar panels can be assembled into an energy network in a safe and efficient way. It is reported that Vodafone has more than 100million nodes on the global Internet of things. According to ledgerinsight, Maersk announced that Dubai port operator and logistics company dpworld have joined the blockchain container transportation platform tradelens, which aims to increase business transparency and trade speed by promoting the digital transformation of the transportation industry. Dpworld Group Chairman and CEO sultanahmedbinsulayem said that dpworld is building a new integrated supply chain solution. With the support of tradelens, they will accelerate the digital transformation of Global trade.
        According to ledgerinsight, LG Electronics announced that it had joined the hederahashgraph Governance Committee, with other members including IBM, Google and Boeing. Hedera's Governance Committee is developing a decentralized governance system for the public ledger, and wants to eventually recruit 39 members from different industries. It is reported that LG Electronics will work with Hedera and other members of the committee to develop applications based on distributed ledger technology for consumers and supply chain partners. According to ledgerinsight, thetalabs announced that Google cloud has joined its enterprise verification project, as well as binance, blockchainventures and Gumi.
        As a blockchain video network platform, theta allows users to relay their excess bandwidth to other users' videos and get tokens as rewards, aiming to provide a set of solutions that can improve quality, reduce costs and increase flexibility. It is reported that Google will verify the transaction on this public blockchain network and is its preferred cloud service provider. According to ledgerinsight, South Korea's Gangwon do plan to use blockchain and artificial intelligence to develop a solution that can remotely manage the data of patients with chronic diseases without going to the hospital, breaking the consistent pain point of frequent medical treatment and continuous observation. It is reported that Jiang Yuandao will first apply this platform to 100 patients with chronic diseases in the province, and will gradually expand the service to 450000 patients in the later stage.
        It is reported that the blockchain environment in South Korea is constantly optimized, and the two major government agencies have recently provided more than $3million for the blockchain experiment. According to cointegraph, gbbc, a Swiss non-profit blockchain Industry Association, firmly believes that &mdash& mdash; The epidemic crisis tells us to pay attention to distributed ledger technology. The association is holding discussions with policy makers and business leaders on "solving the inefficiency of the current organizational system and changing the traditional organizational system architecture on the premise of creating a safer, fair and multifunctional society in the future". The representative of the association said that blockchain technology is not only the next industry worth trillions of dollars, but also the core technology that will shake the innovation of all industries around the world.
        According to Yahoo Finance, fgcgroup announced that it will expand its propertydesk to meet the needs of real estate investors, so that it can invest in the real estate securities market in the form of digital currency. FGC's move aims to enable global investors to benefit from Nigeria's fastest-growing real estate market and reduce the threshold of market access to give full play to its huge potential.
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