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The 2020 Gui'an cloud chain big data industry blockchain white paper was released

Time : 20/04/2022 Author : uatg29 Click : + -
        Recently, the 2020 Gui'an cloud chain big data industry blockchain white paper (hereinafter referred to as the white paper) was released, which systematically summarizes the development status and trends of the Internet industry in Guizhou Province, comprehensively reviews the frontier theories and best practices of the Internet industry in Guizhou Province, and provides practical guidance for the transformation of the Internet industry in Gui'an new area and even the whole province. The white paper includes five chapters: introduction and interpretation of Internet industry, core of industrial interconnection, modules of Internet industry, application of blockchain and application of big data. The content covers three-tier infrastructure of the Internet industry, three-phase valuation of Internet industry enterprises, five core competencies of Internet industry development, five types of Internet industry practice, 12 modules of Internet industry operation, banking, payment and cash transactions, network security, academic records and academia, car rental and sales, shared ride, cloud storage, the connotation and significance of big data, the application of big data in the Internet industry The necessity and measures of big data application in the Internet industry.
        Zhang Xing, President of Guizhou Gui'an Internet Enterprise Association, said that industrial upgrading, financial innovation, the development of 5g new technology and other forces come together, directly or indirectly promoting the rapid development of the Internet industry. The transformation and upgrading of the Internet industry is not achieved overnight. It requires active breakthroughs and innovation in traditional industries, thinking and action from entrepreneurs to "industrialists", and more research and reference to avoid detours and risks. It is reported that the white paper was edited by Guizhou Gui'an Internet Enterprise Association, and jointly prepared and released by Gui'an Internet association blockchain Research Institute, Guizhou Yunlian Data Technology Co., Ltd., Guizhou Yunhe Information Technology Co., Ltd.
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