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Blockchain core technology: P2P network

Time : 25/02/2022 Author : 7wj9da Click : + -
        And security protocols. The content is refined after reading a lot of literature. I hope you can communicate more! 1、 Overview. Technology has been widely used in many fields, from streaming media to point-to-point communication, from file sharing to collaborative processing. alike,. The system depends on the active cooperation of marginal devices; Each member plays the role of client and server at the same time; Users of system applications can be aware of each other's existence and form a virtual or real group. Nodes are equivalent to each other, both as providers of services and resources, and as recipients of services and resources.
        All peer nodes in can provide resources such as bandwidth, storage space and computing power. With the addition of more nodes, the overall resources and service capabilities of the system are also being expanded synchronously. Load balancing. 1. The origin of IPv4 protocol and NAT today, countless happy Internet users are enjoying the fun brought by the Internet. They browse news, search materials, download software, make new friends, share information, and even get everything they need for daily use without leaving home. Enterprises use the Internet to release information, transfer materials and orders, provide technical support, and complete daily office work. However, while bringing convenience to hundreds of millions of users, the Internet itself is facing a fatal problem.
        Application fields, such as distributed scientific computing, file sharing, live streaming media and on-demand, voice communication and online game support platforms. Now people have begun to shift their focus to the overburden. It is the basic component of decentralized system and is applied in many decentralized systems, including eMule, Ethereum and Xunlei. Technology has been widely used in many fields, from streaming media to point-to-point communication, from file sharing to collaborative processing. alike,. There are also many protocols, the more common ones are BitTorrent, ed2k, Gnutella, tor, etc., that is, we often say BT tools and electric donkeys.
        Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other digital currencies have achieved their own. Node distance 1.3k bucket 1.4kad communication protocol 2 neighbor nodes 2.1nodetable class main members 2.2 neighbor node discovery method 2.3 neighbor nodes. There are two methods of node discovery. The second method is preferred, and the first method is used only when there is no way. (1) Dnsseed bitcoin source code provides dnsseed, which can query some currently available bitcoin nodes. DNS nodes are usually maintained by the community. These DNS sources can be divided into two categories. Dynamically add nodes to DNS.
        The other is to manually add the IP address to DNS. Maybe the nodes on the second type of address are relatively fixed and usually provide long-term bitcoin services. The nodes on the first type of address are relatively active and may be disconnected at any time. Either way, the main network provides 83., Kad for short. 1、 The core data structure nodetable class is responsible for node discovery of Ethereum. Nodetable adopts kademlia (kad) algorithm for node discovery. Nodetable maintains one. Node list. This list is the currently available nodes for the upper layer to use. The hash generated by nodeid through Sha3 is 256 bits.
        There are 256-1=255 items in the list, of which -1 is because all participants in the current node (this...) are excluded, which can be either a service provider (server) or a resource consumer (client). This technology has appeared since the 1970s. Due to the hardware conditions at that time (. It is a distributed system composed of encryption mechanism, storage mechanism, consensus mechanism and other technologies, which can realize the peer-to-peer transaction function of mutual trust without a central server. The consensus mechanism enables the participating nodes to jointly provide services for the system and realize the functions similar to financial intermediaries in the centralized system.
        The consensus mechanism is. Most nodes reach the same confirmation of the transaction status within the agreed time period, in which consensus is achieved through a variety of consensus algorithms such as proof of work (POW), proof of interest (POS), and practical Byzantine fault tolerance (pbft). Consistency requires most nodes to keep the data content consistent within the agreed time period, so as to use the consensus algorithm to achieve consensus. Traditional centralization. Bitcoin clients maintain a list of long-term stable nodes, which are also called seed nodes. The advantage of connecting to seed nodes is that new nodes can be quickly discovered. Other nodes in.
        In bitcoin, you can specify whether to use seed nodes through the "-dnsseed" option, which is on by default. When ordinary nodes (such as node a) are connected with seed nodes. This article is the second issue of [speech currency has medium], and the content is the "mapping" that everyone pays attention to. For a long time, the word "mapping" has been mentioned in many communities. What is mapping? Why map? How to map? Come on, today's article will tell you. "Mapping" in the world. 1、 What is mapping? Mapping, to be exact, "token migration". After the project goes online, the project party will issue tokens.
        But because of many.
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