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Can "blockchain" and "virtual currency" have high returns, rebates and dividends? Guard against the risk of illegal fund-raising behind

Time : 13/11/2021 Author : 3b8zy4 Click : + -
        On January 27, the reporter of Beijing business daily learned from the Beijing municipal financial supervision and administration bureau that in view of how to identify and prevent illegal fund-raising and celebrate the happy year, the Beijing anti illegal work office recently issued a letter to all citizens on how to identify and prevent illegal fund-raising to remind all citizens. The Beijing crackdown on illegal activities Office pointed out that as the Spring Festival approached, platforms, companies and individuals began to appear in some places, using the name of "investment and wealth management" and using high rebates as bait, luring the masses to sign agreements, follow up investments and implement illegal fund-raising activities through false publicity such as principal guaranteed, high-yield, risk-free and guaranteed. Specifically, the "tetralogy" of illegal fund-raising activities is mainly "picture cake - build momentum - attract money - run", in which "picture cake" refers to that illegal fund-raising people will weave one or more projects as "tall as possible".
        Under the guise of "new technology", "new revolution", "new policy", "blockchain" and "virtual currency", it depicts a blueprint with rich expected returns, which "lifts" the appetite of fund-raising participants and gives them the illusion of "not to be missed" and "not to be missed". Illegal fund raisers usually draw the "pie" as big as possible to attract the attention of participants. "Building momentum" is to use all resources to make the momentum bigger. Illegal fund raisers usually hold various promotional activities, such as press conferences, product promotion meetings, on-site observation meetings, experience day activities, knowledge lectures, etc; Organize group tours, inspections, etc., and give small gifts such as rice flour oil and telephone bills; A large number of true or false "technical certificates", "award certificates" and "government approvals" are displayed; Release some film and television materials of leaders' inspection, and take group photos of company leaders with government officials and stars; Deliberately choosing the event to be held in the government conference center and auditorium is very deceptive because of its large scene and high specification.
        Secondly, "sucking money" is trying to get money from your pocket. Illegal fund raisers give participants a taste of "sweetness" through rebates and dividends, making them believe that putting money in his pocket not only has a considerable income, but also is safer than putting it in their own pockets. Participants not only pour out their money, but also mobilize relatives and friends to join, and the amount of fund-raising is getting bigger and bigger. "Running away" means that illegal fund raisers often run away after "sucking money" for a period of time, either because the original "Ponzi scheme" is empty, or because of poor management, the capital chain is broken. The fund-raising participants suffered heavy economic losses and even lost their money. According to the Beijing anti illegal activities office, in fact, most platforms or individuals engaged in illegal fund-raising activities are unqualified, have no legitimate entities, the income does not match the promised return, and the fund security is not guaranteed. Their operation mode also violates the law of value, and the fund operation and high rebate are difficult to maintain in the long term.
        Therefore, once the capital chain breaks, participants will face serious losses. In terms of how to prevent illegal fund-raising, the Beijing crackdown on illegal activities office proposed "four looks, three thoughts and one night", that is, to see the legitimacy of financing, we should not only see whether we have obtained the enterprise business license, but also whether we have obtained the relevant financial license or approved by the financial management department. Second, look at the publicity content, and see whether the publicity contains or implies "guaranteed, risk-free, high-yield, stable earnings without loss" and other content. Third, look at the business model, whether there is a physical project, the authenticity of the project, the direction of capital investment, the way to obtain profits, etc. Fourth, whether the participants in fund-raising are mainly for specific groups such as the elderly. "Think twice", that is, think about whether you really understand the product and market situation.
        Second, consider whether the product conforms to the market law. Think twice about whether your economic strength has the ability to resist risks. "Wait one night", that is, when you encounter relevant investment and fund-raising publicity, you must avoid getting hot headed, seek the opinions of your family and friends first, and wait a night before making a decision. Don't blindly believe in propaganda, acquaintances, experts' recommendations, and don't be tempted by high profits to invest blindly.
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