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How to promote the integration of blockchain and Internet of things to enable digital transformation Wanxiang blockchain small class

Time : 02/02/2022 Author : fhz0qb Click : + -
        Since the beginning of 2021, blockchain has been listed as one of the seven key digital economy industries in the 14th five year plan, blockchain technology has gradually attracted the attention of all walks of life. Recently, Forbes columnist bernardmarr predicted the development trend of blockchain market in 2022, and the integration of blockchain and Internet of things is prominent. The combination of blockchain and the Internet of things has long existed. In 2020, Wanxiang blockchain joined hands with Molian technology, a partner in the field of the Internet of things, to build a blockchain + Internet of things data enabling platform. By combining the end-to-end blockchain module with the platform side blockchain data service, it provides end-to-end and convenient data chaining + data storage and verification services for traditional industries.
        Next, how can we further deepen the integration of the Internet of things and blockchain based on the existing development experience? Today's Wanxiang blockchain small class will discuss with you the key directions of the development and application of Internet of things + blockchain. The Internet of things enables the terminal equipment to access the network, which is convenient for the staff to collect and process relevant data, but also puts the information collected by the equipment at greater risk. According to the 2020unit42iot threat report, at present, 98% of the traffic of IOT devices is not encrypted, and 57% of IOT devices are vulnerable to moderate or high-intensity attacks. Most of the data collected by IOT terminal devices are users' original data. If these data are intercepted and embezzled, enterprises will not only suffer huge losses, but may even face the legal risk of disclosing users' privacy.
        Blockchain technology can write the data under the chain into the blockchain in the form of hash digest after hash encryption, which can effectively avoid data theft and reduce the storage requirements for data transmission. Not only that, the data after being linked is based on the characteristics of blockchain, such as tamperability and traceability, which can improve the credibility of data and provide a trust foundation for data collaboration. It can be seen that blockchain improves the security of IOT terminal equipment, and IOT also solves the pain point that blockchain technology is difficult to guarantee the authenticity of data before it is linked. In addition, another major problem facing the Internet of things is how to deal with the massive data collected by large sensor networks and reduce the transaction processing speed or delay as much as possible.
        According to the "state of the Internet of things in the summer of 2021" released by iotanalytics, it is estimated that the number of IOT devices connected globally will increase by 9% in 2021, reaching 12.3 billion active terminals; By 2025, there may be more than 27billion Internet of things connections. It can be predicted that with the popularization of the Internet of things, this problem will become more and more serious. Blockchain's distributed ledger technology provides a feasible solution for this. By connecting and coordinating billions of connected devices, it realizes self-regulation and adaptation of device resource utilization in the Internet of things system, and then supports a large number of transaction processing. After years of running in, the technology integration of blockchain and Internet of things has achieved certain results, providing a technical foundation for industrial applications.
        However, in order to truly reflect the value of the integration of blockchain and the Internet of things, it is also necessary to find application scenarios that can make this integration technology work effectively, so that the technology can really be put into practice. The Internet of things is an extension of the Internet, a network connecting things and things; Blockchain is an Internet-based machine that delivers value. The integration of blockchain and Internet of things can not only improve the security and scalability of Internet of things terminal equipment, but also expand the application scenarios of blockchain technology through the empowerment of Internet of things technology, and reduce the threshold of traditional industries' transformation to "blockchain +". In July, 2021, the biological assets credible supervision and financial service platform built by Wanxiang blockchain was selected into the 2021 global blockchain innovative application, breaking the traditional impression that agriculture and animal husbandry are difficult to integrate with emerging technologies.
        Based on the integration of blockchain + Internet of things technology, the platform realizes the digitization of the biological information of each cow in the fattening stage of beef cattle, including the location of cattle, daily exercise volume, weight gain, etc. the digital information of cattle is managed on the chain, and can be instantly transferred between ranches, government regulators, financial institutions and other participants. In 2022, how will the integrated development of blockchain and Internet of things bring changes and impetus to society? It may be the reorganization and unification of the Internet of things, the further improvement of blockchain technology, or the further penetration of traditional industries. There is still infinite space for the development and application of blockchain + Internet of things to be explored.
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