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Bitcoin cash node (bchn) may become the leading software of bitcoin cash network

Time : 21/01/2022 Author : o1mydi Click : + -
        Bitcoin cash network is the result of bitcoin hard bifurcation, which is divided into two new blockchains. As of press time, bitcoin cash ABC (bchabc) has not received the hash value, which means that bitcoin cash node (bchn) may become the leading software of bitcoin cash network. The last "common block" of bitcoin cash is #661647, which is mined by binance. The first block of bitcoin cash blockchain is mined by antpool. Since then, hashpower has been favored by bchn because miners have mined multiple consecutive blocks on the network.
        To sum up, bchabc, a group of bitcoin cash developers led by amaurysechet, proposed the upgrading of the bitcoin cash network, including a controversial new "coinbase rule", which requires that 8% of the extracted bitcoin cash be reallocated to bchabc as a means of formulating financing agreements. Another organization from the bitcoin cash community, the bitcoin cash node, opposed the upgrade. They deleted this so-called "miner's tax" from the source code. When some nodes on the network adopt hard fork and other nodes do not, the blockchain will be divided into two different versions: one is old software and the other is new software.
        According to data, before the hard fork, the bitcoin cash price plummeted to $237.54, down 7.5% from the previous high of $256.82. If bch-abc cannot attract enough hashpower to produce a viable blockchain, ABC blockchain will theoretically "disappear".
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