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Think mobile phones are too expensive? Take a look at the blockchain of micro single electric vehicles, and don't think so

Time : 22/05/2022 Author : c4v9sr Click : + -
        Recently, the focus of science and technology is moving to the next field, such as 5g, AI, big data, autonomous driving and so on. But in fact, if we return to the field of consumption, the most discussed technology products are mobile phones. Without others, the threshold of mobile phones is still lower. If it is aerospace technology, for example, entrepreneur youzuo Maezawa is preparing to be the first person on SpaceX's space trip, the price should be tens of millions to hundreds of millions &hellip& hellip;。 In this way, mobile phones are still a source of happiness for many people, and the price is not high. First of all, we can have a mobile phone ranging from 1000 yuan to 10000 yuan, but this is not the point. We can do many things:.
        These are what mobile phones give us in this era. In other words, with mobile phones and networks, many entertainment has become low-cost. Maybe several VIPs add up to less than 100 yuan a month. In this case, mobile phone manufacturers, as well as the mobile phone industry and the mobile Internet era, are worthy of respect. For example, if it is still in the era of PS game console, a game may cost 400 yuan, and you need to buy a lot a year. But with mobile phones, if you play tribal war, you can play it for years without spending a penny. Or, if PC manufacturers are allowed to control the direction of science and technology all the time, it can be imagined that the price of a super book once reached 10000 yuan, but now it has to be more than 4000 yuan, and the cost cannot be reduced.
        The mobile phone has already provided a first-class experience at the price of 1000, 2000, 3000 yuan. The reason why mobile phones can do this is that they think that if the software requirements are too high and the hardware cost remains high, they can simplify the software. In fact, they do the same. Now it seems that the strategy of low-cost hardware, free software and anytime, anywhere access such as mobile phones and mobile Internet is what users are anxious about. Think about what users think. And we can also predict that the terminals that will replace mobile phones in the future will certainly remain the kind of products that can be popularized at a price of hundreds of thousands. Devices with a price of hundreds of thousands may always be niche, because neither technology nor thinking can inherit the mantle of mobile phones.
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