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After Lenovo, this mobile phone is also "playing" the blockchain and wants to take a share in the blockchain

Time : 25/06/2021 Author : 45dfp2 Click : + -
        Lenovo recently released a blockchain mobile phone, which is Lenovo S5. Because blockchain is so popular, many Internet giants have said that the future is the era of blockchain. So what is blockchain? Many people don't know this concept very well. In fact, in our daily life, there are many cash transactions and centralized mode transactions. Cash transactions are that a directly gives money to B; The centralized mode is that a gives money to the bank, and then the bank gives money to B. the bank is a center. What about the blockchain model? That is, decentralization. For example, if Party A wants to transfer money to Party B, it can form a mathematical model through broadcasting in Party A through blockchain, verify it through the mathematical model, and record it, and then pass through the second node. By analogy, only after more than 50% of the nodes hear the broadcasting and check it, can the transaction succeed.
        Blockchain is characterized by decentralization, tamperability, openness and anonymity. The current blockchain is not mature, because the transaction is very slow and the cost is very high. In fact, Lenovo S5 has great reliability in information security, privacy security and payment security through the characteristics of blockchain. That is, the blockchain referred to in Lenovo S5 is actually of great use to users, but it is secretly protecting your information security, privacy security and payment security. This time, HTC also announced that it was developing blockchain mobile phones. HTC is developing a blockchain Android phone, code named Exodus, which will provide a system level wallet function with built-in security hardware to support digital cryptocurrency and decentralized applications.
        HTC plans to build a native blockchain network in the blockchain field. Each Exodus mobile phone acts as a node in the network and can provide a simpler and faster cryptocurrency transaction function for Exodus in the node. In a word, HTC is not the only one developing blockchain mobile phones. At the Lenovo oath conference, it announced that it would launch Xiaolong 855+5g mobile phones next year, and also add blockchain modules. Blockchain technology is still not mature enough, and it needs to be mined continuously. HTC also wants to "take a share" in blockchain. In fact, the current mobile phone giants, including Samsung, apple, Huawei, Xiaomi and oppo's top five mobile phone manufacturers in the world, have not mentioned blockchain mobile phones, which certainly does not mean that they are not in research and development, but those mobile phone manufacturers who are on the decline always like to hype themselves with blockchain, because they are extremely immature, so it is really meaningless to talk about things now!.
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