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Another big event in blockchain world, Glab

Time : 12/07/2022 Author : ao5u28 Click : + -
        On July 7, 2018, the launch conference of Glab global blockchain project selection competition was held at Hangzhou oceanwide Diaoyutai hotel. Zeng Linchuan, director of the blockchain special committee of Zhejiang Association of financial technology, and Feng Ke, President of Zhejiang Zhijiang blockchain Technology Research Institute, delivered speeches and wished the conference a complete success. It is reported that Glab is another blockchain international event built by sleepless technology after the gbls blockchain conference. Hosted by sleepless technology, organized by local excellent blockchain enterprises in the sub competition station, and strongly supported by well-known industry institutions penta and AISI laboratory. At the meeting, Sheng Xia, the initiator of Glab, announced that the registration channel of Glab project selection competition was officially opened and the global competition plan was launched.
        At the same time, the relevant contents of the Glab project excerpt were explained in detail. Sheng Xia said that this is the world's first influence token competition, and the playing method is also different from the traditional competition. PK is the influence competition of PR. in addition to the regular investigation projects such as the technology and scene landing of the project itself, the influence of public relations is also important. The adopted horse racing system will mobilize the whole industry to participate in this influence competition. Entries can be entered through official registration channels. Glab will set up seven sub competition stations, namely Toronto, Shanghai, Beijing, Silicon Valley, London, Israel and Dubai, and Hangzhou will be the host city of the global finals of the competition.
        Sheng Xia introduced the goal and vision of the Glab fund alliance in detail, focusing on how to join the Glab fund alliance and the rights and interests after joining, which attracted investors on the scene. The Glab brand has more content such as glabpr and Glab node meeting. She said that what Glab wants to build is a one-stop ecosystem for the blockchain industry. The next round table session is more exciting. The first round table discussion is about the value and evaluation of blockchain projects. In addition to blockchain industry investors, guests also have technology-based celebrities to discuss topics such as the potential of blockchain projects. There is also a question session for on-site guests. Cai Dong, chief data intelligence officer of McDonald's (China), answered questions such as "how McDonald's combines blockchain", He said that McDonald's has also tried to integrate the supply chain, because the industry will eventually move towards deep digitalization.
        Dai Qingli, the founder of sesame credit and the former COO of bitcoin China, also shared his views on "what kind of killer will appear in the second half of the year". In his view, the implementation of blockchain applications will be divided into several waves, and the first wave will be light applications such as finance and social networking, because in these fields, vouchers will be well circulated. The second round table discussed brand marketing of blockchain projects. Alexye, CEO of kongmingwu, believed that marketing must be a long-term content, not a short-term process. He Qiong, a well-known blockchain investor known as "president he", exemplified his view: marketing should also address the pain points of projects.
        At the end of the meeting, the Glab Organizing Committee issued the first batch of appointment letters to the guests present. As a global marketing event, the Glab selection competition will focus on Shanghai and play a more powerful potential. According to the organizer of the competition, this competition has attracted a large number of innovative and forward-looking blockchain projects at home and abroad. Mobbs connected Michael, the operation director of geekchain geek chain project in China. Michael talked about that in the current blockchain industry, international innovation competitions are an excellent way to exchange technology, show strength and forge consensus. Geekchain project represents China's highest technical strength in blockchain, especially in the field of P2P underlying protocols. The "one chain one application" system architecture and "double chain consensus" designed and developed by the project have well solved the practical problems of the current DAPP project's rapid launch, The positioning of "ecological incubator" proposed by the project has rich application scenarios and ecological extension, so we are full of confidence in achieving good results in the competition.
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