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Blockchain: fundamental changes may occur in the automotive industry

Time : 10/11/2021 Author : 9tnjdh Click : + -
        On October 24, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held the 18th collective learning on the current situation and trend of blockchain technology development. The application of blockchain technology has been extended to digital finance, Internet of things, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, digital asset trading and other fields. As one of the pillar industries of the national economy, the automotive industry, blockchain technology will bring many significant impacts. Blockchain will fundamentally change the current situation of the automotive industry from manufacturing to post market. For the future development of shared cars, the use of blockchain technology will also innovate the mode. "Blockchain technology can not only issue digital currency, but its tamper proof characteristics will also change the ecosystem of the automotive industry. Major changes will take place from the production end to the sales end, and then to the after-sales service end, and may lead to a new model for shared cars in the future.
        ”Zhu Youping, blockchain economist and deputy director of the China economic network management center of the National Information Center, said. In recent years, China has strengthened the inspection of production consistency, and the counterfeiting behavior of automobile enterprises has converged. However, this phenomenon still occurs. On August 27, 2018, the equipment industry development center of the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the "Notification on 18 vehicle manufacturers with production consistency problems in 2017", which notified 18 vehicle manufacturers with more production consistency problems in 2017. Not long ago, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the "publicity on the liquidation and audit of the subsidy funds for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in 2017", and some vehicles were reduced because of the problem of production consistency.
        Zhu Youping said, "blockchain technology has the characteristics of tamper proof. When applied to automobile production, it can quickly find out whether the vehicles sold meet the requirements of production consistency. Modeling with DSM (domain definition) For example, DSM will upload the driving data of the vehicle to the blockchain. Not only that, the maintenance records of the vehicle will also be uploaded to the blockchain. In other words, all behaviors in the life cycle of the car will be preserved on the blockchain. And every car owner who uploads data will be rewarded by DSmT. This benefit has the following two points:. First, the 4S store will lose the price advantage it has gained by recording maintenance records for a long time, because in the future, all maintenance records will be automatically recorded on the chain, and the barriers of the 4S store will be completely removed, and the bargaining power will be lost from then on.
        Second, car owners with evil intentions will lose the opportunity to "entrap people". Because their tricks of "accident car" and "meter adjustment car" have been recorded, buyers will know as soon as they check. With the help of their own network advantages, dealers sometimes have the behavior of fleeing goods. "Blockchain technology can eliminate this kind of fleeing behavior and provide real consumer behavior characteristics for vehicle research and development." Zhu Youping said. At present, most automobile enterprises generally adopt the method of market research in order to develop "hot" models with sales volume. Consumers are in various considerations, and many real ideas will not be presented. Use blockchain technology to collect consumer information. Consumption characteristics can be accurately described through big data calculation.
        Another application scenario of blockchain technology in the automotive industry is in the field of shared travel. The technical characteristics of blockchain, such as decentralization, point-to-point network, timestamp, tamper proof, consensus mechanism, smart contract and sharing economy, share the same attributes and have natural affinity, which may become a feasible solution to the crux of sharing economy. The strange mutual trust function of blockchain will play an important role in the development of shared cars in the future. There have been many problems in car sharing in China, and the authenticity of credit is one of the root causes. Zhuyouping said, "at present, shared cars only use big data computing methods. In the era of big data, there are problems with the authenticity of credit. After using blockchain technology, the real information of drivers and renters is all presented, and consumers can avoid some risks according to the real information reflected in the blockchain.
        ”。 In addition, as smart Internet and autonomous vehicle are more and more concerned and mentioned, the network security enabled blockchain of vehicles is naturally placed high hopes by everyone. At present, vehicle identification, authentication, authorization and other communications rely on the cloud service processor of vehicle enterprises. Once the CPU has a single point of failure, it may also threaten the security of the entire network and increase the risk of data center intrusion. As a basic technology, blockchain technology has opened up innovative ideas and ways for the breakthrough and development of the automotive industry. Applying the decentralized distribution, tamper proof, transparency and other characteristics of blockchain to the whole process of vehicle big data processing in the era of intelligent driving will greatly enhance the overall network security, improve the trust and security level required for travel in the future, and effectively promote the construction of intelligent transportation.
        However, we should also be soberly aware that blockchain, as a vent, can not be achieved easily. In order to fully realize the wide application of blockchain technology in the automotive industry, a decentralized business network is needed. At present, most of the car companies are only in the exploratory stage, which is still far from the real implementation of applications. In addition, the development of blockchain requires large-scale cooperation and participation of the industry, and its development cycle may be very long. The amount of capital investment required and the difficulty of technology research and development are also beyond the current stage. Optimistically, if the whole automobile industry can accept and use blockchain technology well, and give full play to the core advantages of blockchain, such as its tamper proof characteristics, decentralized trading mechanism, and automatic disposal of smart contracts, it can significantly reduce the transaction costs in the automobile industry, and gradually penetrate into new cars, second-hand cars, maintenance, beauty, decoration, modification, spare parts in the automobile consumer market, and further promote the development of automobile finance, insurance, leasing Shared travel and other business scenarios.
        It can be said that the imagination space is huge, and the future prospect is foreseeable. As the main battlefield of the next big data, blockchain has a strong application foundation in the automotive industry. Blockchain opportunities exist in the entire industry, including vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, financial institutions and end users. To this end, in May last year, four multinational car companies, including BMW, Ford, general motors and Renault, jointly announced the establishment of the mobile open blockchain advocacy association with the goal of jointly developing vehicle blockchain technology, in conjunction with IBM, Accenture and Bosch technology parts manufacturers, as well as 30 companies such as blockchain companies consys and hyperledger.
        As early as January this year, johannjungwirth, chief digital officer of Volkswagen, announced a cooperation agreement with the Internet of things cryptocurrency; The following month, Daimler AG announced that it would launch a blockchain based digital currency &mdash& mdash; Mobicoin is used to encourage Mercedes Benz owners to cultivate safe driving habits of low speed and stability. In addition, BMW also cooperates with vechainthor, a blockchain supply chain enhancement platform; Porsche, on the other hand, cooperates with the start-up company xain, hoping to improve the vehicle locking system through blockchain technology, prevent vehicle theft, and improve the functions of autonomous vehicle.
        Recently, a survey led by IBM showed that as many as 62% of auto executives believe that blockchain will become a disruptive force in the automotive industry within three years, which can have a huge impact on improving the information friction points faced by the automotive industry. However, it is worth mentioning that most of the executives of the interviewed car companies still have a general understanding of blockchain. As for which blockchain applications are closely related to car companies and have the greatest value, most executives still lack specific understanding.
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