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Briefly explain what blockchain is

Time : 12/07/2021 Author : lky69z Click : + -
        In recent years, blockchain fire, all walks of life have participated in the discussion of blockchain, and even said that blockchain technology will be the fifth disruptive revolution after steam engine, electricity, information and Internet. You may not know blockchain, but you must have heard of it. What is blockchain?. Blockchain is a special distributed database, which is decentralized, cannot be completely changed, and traceable (open, anyone can view its records). Its essence is to solve the problem of trust, realize decentralization, and prevent unfair and unequal transactions. Decentralization is the core concept of blockchain. Take online shopping as an example. You need to pay Alipay first, and Alipay informs the seller to deliver the goods. After you confirm the receipt, Alipay turns to the seller. It seems to be a single line transaction between you and the seller. In fact, all processes are inseparable from Alipay. Decentralization omits the intermediary role of Alipay, and the seller and the buyer conduct direct transactions. In order to ensure trust and security, Each step of the transaction will be published to all nodes. The node with the fastest computing speed will record the transaction. After the record is completed, it cannot be tampered with. The record of each node is called a block. Linking these blocks according to the timeline is a blockchain.
        Thus, the blockchain achieves the goal of decentralization.
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