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The first theme of the blockchain application series seminar launched in Shenzhen is great health

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        In order to popularize blockchain knowledge and explore blockchain applications, "Dao jichunqiu — how blockchain restarts the world: blockchain + industrial applications" series of seminars were launched. In the afternoon of January 20, the first seminar "big health industry" was held in Shenzhen Greater China blockchain incubation base. The series of seminars were planned by Shenzhen information service industry blockchain Association and undertaken by Shenzhen Daoji Technology Media Co., Ltd. The first "great health" was jointly organized by Shenzhen information service industry blockchain Association, Shenzhen Health Industry Development Promotion Association, bokaihui · Sponsored by the National Institute of Finance and economics. The COVID-19 is changing the world, human attention to health has reached a higher level, and the health industry is ushering in an outbreak period.
        The decentralized and tamper proof characteristics of blockchain can integrate the advantageous resources in the large health industry ecosystem, promote the connection between the health industry and consumer groups from the technical level, and help the renewal and iteration of health ecological services. First, through the data sharing and mutual benefit mechanism on the blockchain, we can avoid the formation of data "islands", form a symbiotic ring of interests, and accurately locate the flow of data; Second, intelligent software and hardware can upload personal physical sign data in real time, which makes it very convenient for patients to obtain various professional services; Third, the chain of medical information and doctor information can greatly alleviate the problem of mistrust between doctors and patients; Fourth, the information of patients' medical care process is automatically uploaded and recorded on the blockchain, which can greatly improve the efficiency of insurance claim settlement and restore the trust of doctors and patients.
        Organized in the form of salon dialogue, the seminar invited more than 40 experts and entrepreneurs from the big health industry, blockchain and related investment institutions to conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges around the blockchain enabled big health industry. Huang He, the joint party secretary of the Shenzhen Health Industry Association of the Communist Party of China, believes that the health industry is the most important part of healthy China. Especially after this epidemic, everyone has a further understanding of life, quality of life and health industry, and health has become the main goal that people pursue. "During the epidemic, the health industry rose against the trend, indicating that this is a sunrise industry." Said the yellow crane. She mentioned that how blockchain can be empowered in the health industry is a long-term problem that Shenzhen Health Industry Development Promotion Association has been thinking about.
        How can the whole health industry chain integrate industry big data more safely, accurately and effectively? It is hoped that these industrial pain points can be solved through blockchain and other emerging technologies. Jin Song, vice president of the China Association of health information and healthcare big data, said he hoped that the health industry could be combined with blockchain. Jin Song believes that, first of all, blockchain must be combined with the development of online medicine. From the perspective of the development of Internet medicine, the development of Internet hospitals has actually promoted the development of medicine. "In the past, only over-the-counter drugs could be sold online, but with the development of Internet medicine, prescription drugs can now be sold. If Internet medicine can be combined with online medical insurance, it will quickly promote the core medical sector in the health field.
        With the combination of online medical insurance, there is a blockchain behind it. " She said. Blockchain can solve three problems: first, the combination of blockchain and medical insurance prescription can realize cross regional medical insurance; Second, blockchain can help solve the privacy problem of internet medical big data; Third, blockchain can also solve two major problems in the health industry. One is how to help businesses in the health sector find accurate label customers. Many products and services in the industry are well done, but how to accurately obtain customers is a pain point; One is to solve the problem of false propaganda. Why is there such a problem? It is because there is no objective judgment and evaluation. Blockchain can solve the problem of judgment and evaluation, and can also be combined with traffic to find label customers.
        Jin Song believes that blockchain must reach the same level of mainstream volume, with data and traffic at the same time, in order to drive the whole industry. To truly empower the industry, we need to stimulate the whole health industry through industry associations, seize the large flow pool, go up the chain, and finally form a large credit platform. The real development of blockchain must be combined with all walks of life. Zhong Jianwei, executive vice president of Shenzhen Health Industry Development Promotion Association, revealed that the Promotion Association had begun to explore how to apply blockchain technology to help the health industry carry out digital transformation and make healthy data safer and more convenient two to three years ago. Zhong Jianwei believes that blockchain technology is like a vehicle driving on the highway, which will be constantly pushed forward.
        "Blockchain can bring more efficiency and trust mechanisms to our work. It may change our original collaboration mode and bring about the realization of health value." He emphasized. Li maocai, general manager of Tencent blockchain technology, introduced blockchain technology with simple and understandable examples, and pointed out that in recent years, with the continuous deepening of industry exploration, the combination of blockchain and industry is getting better and better. At present, industrial integration has reached the stage of how to enable this technology to various industries. Li maocai believes that blockchain is a collaborative role in various industries, and the new application core of blockchain in the future is collaboration. Xu Daobin, President of Qiyuan news agency, believes that blockchain is an era, and blockchain application is a new species. It allows everyone's data to produce a new individual, and decomposes all our production and user relationships into one individual.
        "If we don't look at everyone's data value from this perspective and look at these enterprises again, blockchain + will be a little reluctant, just like the Internet + in those days, thinking that moving traditional industries to the Internet is an Internet enterprise. This is a thing on the chain, a new individual. Blockchain will work with big data and artificial intelligence to build the infrastructure of the entire digital world, and we need to look in the big direction The future enterprise is definitely a combination of the digital world and the physical world. " Xu Daobin said. Lin Kai, Secretary General of Shenzhen Life Science Industry Association; Cheng Qiang, President of Shenzhen Chip Technology Promotion Association; Bo Kaihui · Che Yu, executive vice president of the national finance and Finance Research Institute, Liu Wei, general manager of Shenzhen Kulian Technology Co., Ltd., Song Yang, general manager of Shenzhen times blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., and Shen yuanbiao, chairman of easy sign chain (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. also expressed their views on how blockchain can empower the great health industry.
        It is reported that next, Shenzhen information service industry blockchain Association will cooperate with Shenzhen Health Industry Development Promotion Association and Shenzhen health care association to integrate high-quality resources in the field of great health and blockchain, strengthen cooperation, and make the "blockchain + great health" industry real and strong.
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