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Economic daily talks about "blockchain": there are hidden worries under "Carnival". Being down-to-earth is the right way

Time : 02/03/2022 Author : ut28v0 Click : + -
        At present, blockchain is becoming more and more popular, but the development of blockchain industry still needs to calm down and carry out technological exploration in a down-to-earth manner in order to realize the innovation and development of blockchain technology and industry. The core of how to measure the value of blockchain is to measure whether it can solve practical problems, especially the core "pain points" of industries &mdash& mdash;。 Thunderbolt soared by 170%, more than 100 stocks rose by the collective limit, the circle of friends was swiped by blockchain related information, and investment classes about blockchain mushroomed &hellip& hellip; When the news about accelerating the promotion of blockchain technology and industrial innovation and development was released, a "national blockchain fever" rose overnight, a number of listed companies "urgently" launched the chain, and even some elderly people who usually do not have much access to the Internet began to ask young people around them about blockchain investment opportunities.
        Experts suggest that as one of the important breakthroughs in China's independent innovation of core technologies, blockchain carries China's expectation of occupying the commanding height of innovation in emerging fields. Therefore, for the healthy development of the industry, it is necessary to strengthen supervision, not to deviate from reality to emptiness, not to rush into mass action and repeat construction, and to make solid progress to meet the "new future". Under the blind blockchain "Carnival", there are actually many risks hidden. "Some institutions will deliberately exaggerate the role of blockchain for their own interests." Duan Jiang, chairman of the academic committee of the China blockchain Research Center at Southwestern University of Finance and economics, was deeply impressed by this. He told the Economic Daily that the blockchain circle is mainly divided into currency circle and chain circle. The hype of currency circle has been strictly controlled by the government in the past two years. This time, as the central new deal came out, more people in the currency circle are hyping it.
        "They feel that they can get rid of their arms again.". As early as 2017, the digital currency represented by bitcoin ushered in a year of sharp rise, and the high level of US $20000 also created a magic line day of wealth freedom. Relevant government departments issued a document suggesting that some criminals, under the banner of "financial innovation" and "blockchain", absorbed funds by issuing so-called "virtual currency", "virtual assets" and "digital assets", which infringed on the legitimate rights and interests of the public. Such activities are the reality of illegal fund-raising, pyramid selling and fraud by hyping blockchain concept banks. The "fire" of blockchain cannot be separated from the promotion of blockchain we media. By writing promotional articles for virtual currency or blockchain projects, some we media can improve the project valuation and attract investors to participate, and then the project parties, exchanges and we media jointly participate in the sharing of "cutting leeks".
        However, blindly hyping various air currencies in the name of blockchain may bring greater harm. "If excessive speculation has caused greater economic losses or other harm, once the government introduces control measures again, it will have a negative impact on the development of the entire industry." Duanjiang suggested. In contrast, enterprises that steadfastly promote blockchain R & D and application have different thoughts. In the view of Ruan Anbang, the founder and CEO of eight components, the initial stage of the promotion of any new technology needs more discussion and imagination. With the progress and practical application of technology, it will be successively applied in food safety anti-counterfeiting traceability related to finance, government affairs and people's livelihood, and will gradually change the cognition of many people.
        In the current social situation of "blockchain fever for all", we should not only recognize that the future of blockchain has come, but also maintain rationality. Blockchain is a new technology that has a huge impact on the economy and society, but it is not an omnipotent "magic weapon". It is indisputable that blockchain is still in the early stage of development, and needs further development and improvement in technology, security, standards, supervision and other aspects. "What blockchain can do includes improving efficiency, transparency, trust building, etc. businesses and things that are traditionally difficult to do are not easy to do with blockchain. Applications must be combined with industry characteristics." Xiao Huan, head of zhidu blockchain research group, said.
        "What blockchain can do well at this stage is still digital." Duanjiang said that there is still uncertainty about things that have not been digitized, such as for product traceability. For example, even if a bottle of Baijiu uses blockchain Traceability Technology, counterfeiters still have a way to replace the wine in the real bottle with fake wine for sale. In Ruan Anbang's view, the core problem solved by blockchain is data ownership. "Blockchain can clarify who a data belongs to, and ensure the accuracy of the data. It will not be illegally tampered with, nor will it be illegally read or copied. Now there are countless terminals collecting personal data. Only by solving the problem of data ownership can we better play the value of the data.
        ”。 In addition, human society has entered the information civilization from industrial civilization, the social division of labor has been continuously refined, and the industrial form is very complex. Blockchain needs to be integrated with other cutting-edge technological innovations to generate greater value. It is worth noting that at the basic technology level, there are still many bottlenecks in the large-scale application of blockchain. Duanjiang said that the first is the bottleneck of transaction speed. For example, bitcoin system can only complete 7 transactions per second, while Ethereum has 35 transactions per second, which is far from meeting the needs of large-scale users. The second is the problem of large-scale data increment. The traditional database simply has three operations: adding, deleting and updating data, but the blockchain database can only add data, and the data will accumulate more and more.
        As for the problem of data redundancy, Ruan Anbang also believes that we should not blindly pursue data consistency, otherwise it will cost huge computing power and energy consumption. How to match the needs of the industry on the premise of reducing data redundancy and ensuring tamperability is fundamental. At present, the attention of blockchain has become hot, but the development of blockchain industry still needs to calm down and make technological exploration in a down-to-earth manner, so as to realize the innovative development of blockchain technology and industry, realize the due value of blockchain in the era of digital economy, and occupy the commanding height of Internet technology in the new era represented by blockchain. To promote the healthy and steady development of blockchain, we must continue to crack down on speculation.
        Due to the current scarcity of blockchain applications for ordinary people, many people simply equate blockchain with virtual currency. Therefore, some illegal institutions use the name of "blockchain" to issue virtual currency for financing speculation. In fact, they are suspected of engaging in illegal financial activities, seriously infringing on the safety of people's property and disrupting the economic and financial order. For illegal blockchain speculation, government departments at all levels should, on the basis of continued strict supervision, constantly upgrade their supervision means, strengthen the crackdown, avoid the masses being deceived, and maintain a good industry development environment. "It is necessary for the government to identify blockchain enterprises. Whether they really have technology or cheat the government, crack down on swindlers and encourage a number of high-quality enterprises, so as to guide the healthy development of the industry.
        ”Duanjiang said. To promote the healthy and steady development of blockchain, we must guide the deep integration of blockchain technology and practical application scenarios. "As a cutting-edge technology, blockchain can show its intrinsic value only when it is truly implemented in the industrial scene." A person in charge of tus blockchain group said that China is at the time of the transformation of new and old drivers. Blockchain technology can reduce industrial costs, improve the efficiency of industrial chain collaboration, and build an industrial integrity environment. Realizing the deep integration of blockchain + real industries such as trade, medical treatment, education and food safety will greatly promote the upgrading of traditional industries, improve social operation efficiency and improve the quality of public services. "Because blockchain itself is a new technology, or a new combination of old technologies, the core of how to measure its value is to measure whether it can solve practical problems, especially the core ‘ pain points ’ of industries;.
        How to judge whether there is a solution ‘ Pain points ’ And? It depends on whether customers are willing to pay for it. " Ruan Anbang said.
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