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Redundancy of blockchain,Zhilian technology Yu Xiangyang: blockchain applications face opportunities and challenges at two levels: technology and commercialization

Time : 24/06/2022 Author : op05zs Click : + -
        The blockchain world is never short of wonderful stories: some people get rich overnight, some people seek freedom, or are eager to transform the world, or explore technological empowerment. Blockchain has been and is pregnant with a new parallel world, and China has already become a force that cannot be ignored in this world. In the past 2019, the blockchain industry has ushered in another boom. On October 24, 2019, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee carried out collective learning on the development status and trends of blockchain technology for the first time. The meeting pointed out that blockchain should be regarded as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies, clarify the main direction of attack, increase investment, strive to overcome a number of key core technologies, and accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation.
        After this speech, blockchain has ushered in new development opportunities, and its practical applications have been constantly implemented. Many enterprises have also participated in the practice and exploration of blockchain. In the practice and exploration of blockchain technology application, Zhilian technology has gone for two years. Founded in November 2017, Zhilian technology is a blockchain enterprise that takes blockchain technology as the core and integrates Internet of things, modern photoelectric data collection, big data and artificial intelligence processing methods to build a credible data system. Yu Xiangyang, founder of chain technology, introduced to zero one finance and economics that at present, chain technology has realized the landing application of blockchain technology in the fields of traceability and certificate storage, supply chain finance, blockchain Internet of things, trusted shared service transactions, warehousing and logistics, insurance and so on.
        In the future, Zhilian technology also hopes to combine its advantages, integrate the Internet of things and artificial intelligence technology, achieve more applications, and become a benchmark for the industrial application of blockchain enterprises, especially in South China. As for the blockchain industry, Yu Xiangyang also pointed out that the recognition and support of policies will promote the development of the blockchain application industry, but generally speaking, the industrial application of blockchain is actually in an initial stage. At present, it is in the development opportunity period of application landing, but it also faces the challenges of technology and commercialization. In order to further understand the positioning, business model and technology implementation of Zhilian technology, zero one finance and economics had in-depth exchanges with yuxiangyang, the founder of Zhilian technology, and CAI YeFan, the project director of Zhilian technology.
        At the same time, Yu Xiangyang also shared some of his views on the blockchain industry and the industry to zero one finance. Zero one finance: as the founder of chain technology, what is the opportunity to choose to create chain technology? What is the positioning of chain technology? Why choose such a positioning?. Yu Xiangyang: Zhilian technology was established in Shanghai Free Trade Zone on November 7, 2017, and Guangzhou Zhilian Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Guangzhou Development Zone in April 2018. The opportunity for its establishment at that time was that in 2017, digital currency began to enter people's vision on a large scale. We also began to pay attention to the possibility that blockchain technology may touch application fields other than digital currency. In addition, my personal background is photoelectric technology, which is partial to application background, so I began to do industrial application of blockchain technology.
        Our basic positioning is to establish a credible data system with blockchain technology as the core and Internet of things technology, big data and artificial intelligence technology, and then apply it in various fields. In the past two years, the application of blockchain has also involved various fields such as certificate deposit, traceability, supply chain finance, etc., but generally speaking, the industrial application of blockchain is actually a very preliminary stage. To choose such a positioning, one is the background of our team, and the other is the concept of our team, which also hopes to do something more practical and specific. We hope that the platform can really run, and blockchain can be applied in a certain field. Even if this field is just an initial attempt, we are willing to start from the attempt.
        Cai YeFan: in fact, it took a long time to determine our business model. At present, we do three businesses with a larger scale: project consulting and solutions, technical services, and some special projects, such as cooperation in long-term operation planning. Among these three businesses, project consulting and solutions are our core businesses. Zero one finance: in essence, what do you think is the core and foundation of blockchain technology? What is its value to the industry?. Yu Xiangyang: blockchain is the trust of data, traceability of authenticity and tamperability. Its essence is still inseparable from these basic characteristics.
        I think the authenticity and tamperability of data brought by blockchain technology will have great value to this society. On the one hand, in terms of cost, blockchain technology can greatly reduce the credit cost caused by the original audit and verification; On the other hand, the data-driven society has higher and higher requirements for the authenticity and tamperability of data, which is also the value of blockchain. Yu Xiangyang: in theory, blockchain can be used wherever the Internet is used, including insurance finance, supply chain finance in the financial field, as well as traceability and deposit certificates. At present, in terms of application scenarios, of course, the application in the financial field is an unavoidable and very important field.
        Outside the financial field, there are many applications of government affairs and industrial Internet at present. In fact, in the field of industrial Internet, the level of China's industrial Internet is still relatively low. Even if it is built now, it is a little beyond the construction of early industrial informatization. In this case, it is actually difficult to make chain reform. Therefore, there are two problems in current applications: one is cost; The other is that there is no direct benefit, because blockchain itself does not directly generate benefits, it generates credit, so the benefit of credit does not mean that it can be realized directly one by one. Perhaps after twoorthree years of cultivation, industrial blockchain will be an area of great application value.
        Caiyefan: our practice is probably in three areas. The first is to trace the origin of some agricultural products from the perspective of agriculture. The second is the certification of talents in some industries. We first made a sub industry &mdash& mdash; The medical talent industry is aimed at many professional talents in the medical industry. Although these talents have national standards, their identification, including the state of the market, is very chaotic, so we set up a platform to issue them with corresponding certificates. The third is supply chain finance. Now, we are also doing some non project technical support services and some Internet of things and blockchain solutions.
        The common problem encountered is that customers sometimes don't directly understand what blockchain can do. They need you to help them explain clearly what benefits blockchain can bring to them. So we often have to package some other supporting functions through some consulting schemes. Cai YeFan: the blockchain industry chain has not actually risen, because the market demand of this industry has not risen fundamentally, but I think it will gradually subdivide different links in the industry chain from 2020. Your core competitiveness is different in different parts of the industry chain. For chain technology, blockchain technology is certainly one of them, but from the experience of the project, our more core competitiveness also comes from the professional depth, background and R & D strength of our team and cooperation units, our deep understanding and positioning of the blockchain industry chain, and how to match the blockchain to the current customer needs. In fact, no blockchain company can do this.
        Yu Xiangyang: from two aspects, first of all, it really gives these blockchain enterprises that do blockchain applications a proof, and it really will promote the development of the blockchain application industry. Recently, we may also see a large number of practices, but on the other hand, what are the real social benefits of this group of platforms after they are built? It still needs time to verify. Customers' views and attitudes towards blockchain have actually changed a lot. Although at present, everyone is still talking about where to start, at least everyone is willing to discuss with you whether this thing can be done and how to do it. A little more radical, even say that we did it first. No one was willing to discuss this thing with you before.
        At least for now, so I think this is also a good situation. Zero one finance: what can the combination of blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things bring? Will the integration of these technologies be a general trend in the future?. Yu Xiangyang: in fact, whether it's artificial intelligence or the Internet of things, it provides a problem of productivity. For example, artificial intelligence is actually a means of data processing. The Internet of things provides data collection and communication. Blockchain solves another problem of data authenticity and trust. Therefore, after the integration of the three, I have data processing methods, data collection methods, and data trust. If such a data is used, its credit value will be improved.
        From this point of view, they have different functions. They are not replaceable, but complementary, so they are called "+", such as blockchain + Internet of things, blockchain + artificial intelligence. Under this complementary relationship, the integration of these technologies will certainly be a general trend in the future. Of course, the integration of these technologies is still in a relatively preliminary stage, because the actual application of these three technologies is not mature enough, and it has not reached the time when they can really produce benefits. Yu Xiangyang: at the technical level, on the one hand, it is a challenge brought by new technology under the continuous development of technology; On the other hand, blockchain technology is not really used. Its data redundancy is very large, and the transaction speed is slow. At present, no one really uses blockchain in large-scale industrial applications. What will happen when it comes to industrial large-scale applications? What's wrong? In fact, I still don't know, because I haven't checked it yet.
        At the level of social commercialization, the blockchain industry is still in its infancy, and it is still a question whether the technology can face the test of commercial application. As a new technology, if you can't see a more practical point of application in the short term, such as three to five years, or if the commercialized business model can't be promoted, the popularity will soon decrease. So in fact, the best way to keep the heat is to actually make something to make the society feel that it is really meaningful. Yu Xiangyang: I hope that Zhilian technology can be applied in the industry of blockchain, especially in combination with our advantages, integrating Internet of things technology, artificial intelligence and other technologies, and there are some practical projects in traceability, certificate storage, industrial Internet and other aspects. I also hope that Zhilian technology can become a benchmark for the industrial application of blockchain enterprises, especially in South China, Then it radiates to the whole country, because the foundation of informatization and digitalization in South China is relatively good.
        Technological innovation is mainly in several aspects: first, some innovative research in data collection, second, the research on the data characteristics of blockchain, third, the integration of blockchain data and artificial intelligence, and fourth, some academic innovations, including research and tracking the latest international technology, the formation of independent intellectual property rights, exploring the technology implementation mode and business model of blockchain application, etc.
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