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Chainstore: why hasn't blockchain been implemented on a large scale?

Time : 19/06/2021 Author : x6eg3r Click : + -
        Since the emergence of blockchain, people have been expecting blockchain applications to be launched on a large scale. But until now, the truly blockchain application has not been launched. The characteristics of blockchain system, such as decentralization, de third-party trust, data tamperability, system collective maintenance, transaction traceability, can largely solve the problems existing in the existing information system and many systems in the current society. There is also an urgent demand for this in real life, and it cannot be considered that there is a lack of application scenarios matching blockchain in real life. Blockchain is not a new technology, but the integration of existing mature technologies and concepts. Most of the technologies that make up blockchain are mature technologies.
        However, the performance and other key technologies have not met the requirements of supporting high concurrency scenarios. In recent years, cyber crimes related to blockchain and virtual currency have occurred from time to time. For example, in July 2019, bitpointjapan, a Japanese licensed cryptocurrency exchange, announced that digital currencies worth 3.02 billion yen (US $27million) had been stolen. This scene may also occur on assets traded through blockchain. What is more embarrassing than hacker attacks is that users who lose their private keys will not be able to recover their assets. The inability to process a large amount of transaction information quickly is the bottleneck that blockchain technology has not been able to break through since its inception. Taking bitcoin as an example, the clearing and settlement of its transactions usually takes about 10 minutes. Such a long wait is unavoidably unacceptable to many users.
        The maturity of current mainstream blockchain systems, including bitcoin and Ethereum, cannot support large-scale real business scenarios. It will obviously take some time to achieve large-scale application at the social level. Chainstore is the first blockchain application store in China, which aims to provide users with comprehensive, high-quality and accurate blockchain application download services. Here, a lot of blockchain software is gathered, which can be updated in real time and put on the shelves. Friends in need are welcome to download and use it.
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