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Can blockchain learn by itself,Expert: blockchain technology can empower the development of small and medium-sized private enterprises in China

Time : 18/09/2021 Author : qfcetz Click : + -
        The 11th session of Deshengmen lecture with the theme of "blockchain frontier" was held on the same day, and many experts in this field made keynote speeches. Dundee said that the advantages of blockchain lie in four aspects: tamper proof deposit, traceable behavior, data interconnection and privacy security protection. It has broad prospects in building private enterprises and social credit. He pointed out that the reason why small and medium-sized enterprises are facing growth difficulties is partly due to the lack of credit in themselves and the industry, and the inability to obtain financing or intellectual property protection in a timely manner. Using blockchain technology, we can build a credit system for small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of intellectual property, financial transactions, product quality and so on, and solve many problems derived from lack of credit.
        Wei Yingning, former vice chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission and consultant of the China blockchain Application Research Center, said that after 10 years of development, blockchain has functions such as confirmation of rights, deposit of certificates and traceability, and its application scenarios are becoming more diverse. Wei Yingning, for example, said that blockchain can trace the source of the transaction path and can be used to track the whole process of agricultural production and transportation to ensure food safety. "Blockchain has only been in China for more than 4 years, and its application scope will be more extensive in the future.". Xu Mingxing, founding director of China blockchain application research center and founder of OK blockchain Engineering Institute, pointed out that blockchain technology has laid the foundation for "point-to-point" information transmission and trading. This "disintermediation" function will greatly reduce social operation costs.
        "‘ point-to-point ’ does not mean that supervision is impossible. In fact, the application of blockchain technology will make supervision more efficient." Xu Mingxing said that from the current actual cases, blockchain helps to improve network information security. Looking forward to the future, he proposed that blockchain would reshape the operation mode of many industries or fields, including cryptocurrency, retail finance, Internet of things, financial infrastructure, and even social regulation and law making. Wang Wei, founding president of the mergers and acquisitions Association of the all China Federation of industry and Commerce and chairman of the China finance Museum (Group), said that at the beginning of the birth of the Internet, many people were not optimistic about it, but now it has profoundly changed people's daily lives.
        Today, many people have no specific concept of blockchain, but we cannot ignore its future impact.
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