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Chainstore: how can blockchain and games spark under the global epidemic?

Time : 30/07/2021 Author : wlja3y Click : + -
        The epidemic has made almost the whole world enter the isolation and blockade period, and more and more people are required to work and live at home and implement strict home isolation. During the isolation period, people spend more time on online entertainment, which also produces more consumption. According to the report of mobile network company Verizon, the peak game traffic increased by 75% compared with last week. This also includes blockchain games. The theft of virtual assets, different circulation, falsification of game data and depreciation caused by the issuance of additional props are common phenomena in online games, and the combination of games and blockchain technology can effectively avoid these problems. In blockchain games, players' game data is stored on the data chain according to the timestamp and distributed in several nodes of the whole network. Players can query all game data using authorized access. The tamper free feature of blockchain also ensures that game data cannot be maliciously tampered with and destroyed.
        It also enables players to share data between different game providers and services. The control of online games is in the hands of developers and operators. Once the service is stopped, all virtual assets in the game will return to zero. In the game world supported by blockchain, players have complete control over private virtual assets, not controlled by any service providers. Players who quit the game will no longer be forcibly "deprived" of game assets by game providers. They will not have to give up the assets in the game because they leave a game, but can freely take away or trade game assets. The emergence of blockchain games enables players to own and dispose of their private virtual assets in a real "sense", which also means that virtual assets are increasingly close to physical assets.
        Unlike traditional games, after the rules of blockchain games are determined, everything runs according to the rules, and no one can intervene, which is also an important manifestation of decentralization. Blockchain games implement the rules of the game according to smart contracts, and developers have no right to change the rules of the game halfway. The developers of blockchain games will only formulate the rules of the game. The initial game props can be made by the developers, but most of the subsequent development will be completed by players and communities. Players can choose to quit the game at any time without being controlled by the developer. Blockchain + games are very realistic and attractive. The combination of the two gives many game players and the game industry imagination space for future blockchain games, and blockchain games may usher in new development opportunities.
        Chainstore is the first blockchain application store in China, which aims to provide users with comprehensive, high-quality and accurate blockchain application download services. Here, a lot of blockchain software is gathered, which can be updated in real time and put on the shelves. Friends in need are welcome to download and use it.
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