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Simple blockchain mall,Development of digital collection platform web30 is not just an entrance

Time : 17/07/2021 Author : c1i8pm Click : + -
        Simply treating Web3.0 according to the horizontal logical relationship cannot bring the meaning of line, and may even bring Web3.0 to the development trend of similar Web1.0 and Web2.0. However, this kind of trend is now popular. Many people just regard Web3.0 as an entry, and are really implementing and practicing Web3.0 in the way of entry. Finally, Web3.0 has become a concept similar to Web1.0 and Web2.0. Digital collection platform development, NFT platform development, blockchain application development, digital collection trading platform development, DAPP development, chain game development.
        [open the homepage on the mobile terminal and click contact us]. Jump out of the horizontal aspect to treat Web3.0 methods and methods, really treat it from a new perspective, and then we can understand the meaning and logic of the line. According to general understanding, Web3.0 is actually an entity created above blockchain applications. To some extent, Web3.0 is the main expression of future life explained by blockchain technology. It seems that everyone understands the proper logic of Web3.0. As everyone knows, if we treat Web3.0 from a horizontal perspective, and there is no line method and way, rising to a multi-dimensional perspective, we will not only be able to peer into the panoramic picture of Web3.0, but also may greatly offset the basic functions and effects of blockchain technology.
        I think Web3.0 is not just an entrance, but a new and upgraded world that needs three-dimensional and full than the "entrance". If we regard Web1.0 as a "cytoplasm", and Web2.0 as a "cell body", the line is a "organism". The so-called physical concept is actually consistent with the internal logic of Internet technology. In the Internet age, we all enter the world it brings us according to the "screen". In such a virtual world, we can enjoy shopping, social media and many other Internet products. In essence, the virtual world established by Internet technology is actually consistent with the real world.
        They all meet everyone's requirements in a relatively separate and single world. Although such a single form has enhanced efficiency and convenience to a certain extent, many troubles and difficulties have occurred. You see a series of network chaos, which happens to reflect such a situation at the same time.
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