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Reply from the Secretary of the board of directors of new continent: the company is a digital enterprise with the ability of the whole industrial chain of IOT equipment, system platform and big data application

Time : 18/03/2022 Author : j2v5a3 Click : + -
        Investor: Hello, company leader! Recently, Anhui etc proposed to cancel the highway toll at the toll station due to the high handling fee of a letter. Excuse me, do you have any products that can support digital RMB collection and exempt the collection handling fee?. New world Secretary: Hello, the company is a digital service provider with Internet of things equipment, system platform and big data application capacity of the whole industry chain. The company takes Internet of things equipment as the core data carrier, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain as the core technical support, and based on the data processing capacity precipitated by massive and high-frequency data application scenarios, it works with partners to jointly create a digital industrial ecosystem and provide digital solutions for the construction and promotion of important components of Digital China Construction, such as digital RMB and trusted digital identity.
        As the world's leading provider of POS equipment and solutions, the company has been shortlisted as the core smart POS provider and operator for the construction of digital RMB application scenarios for the Beijing Winter Olympics, providing equipment and operation and maintenance services for merchants to realize the digital RMB acceptance environment in the Winter Olympics. At present, the company's full range of smart POS has supported digital RMB payment. Thank you for your attention!. The first quarter report of new continent 2022 showed that the company's main business income was 1.791 billion yuan, an increase of 5.29% year-on-year; The net profit attributable to the parent company was 83.7631 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 19.22%; Deduct non net profit of 181 million yuan, an increase of 54.95% year-on-year; The debt ratio is 41.24%, the investment income is -1.3985 million yuan, the financial expenses are -3.8903 million yuan, and the gross profit margin is 27.07%.
        In the past 90 days, a total of 6 institutions have given ratings, 4 have bought ratings, and 2 have increased their holdings ratings; The average target price of the institution in the past 90 days was 19.68. In the past three months, the net financing outflow was 168million, and the financing balance decreased; The net outflow of securities lending was 25.9198 million, and the balance of securities lending decreased. According to the securities Star valuation analysis tool, new world (000997) has a good company rating of 3.5 stars, a good price rating of 3 stars, and a comprehensive valuation rating of 3 stars. (rating range: 1-5 stars, up to 5 stars). The chairman of the company is Wang Jing. Ms. Wang Jing, born in 1958, Chinese nationality, has served as a director of new continent Technology Group Co., Ltd., chairman and general manager of the company for nearly five years.
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