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Shanghai has taken the lead in the formulation of international standards for blockchain

Time : 08/05/2022 Author : 63tojx Click : + -
        Only leaders are qualified to participate in rule making. In the field of blockchain, China's international voice and rule making power have emerged. Today (August 27), the international standard ieeep3217 "Specification for blockchain system application interface" was launched in Shanghai Shutu blockchain Research Institute. Relying on the conflux tree public blockchain with independent research and development and the world's first performance, Shanghai tree has been designated by IEEE as the chairman of the international standard working group to lead the formulation of the standard. "In the past three years, blockchain technology has developed rapidly, and it is time to set standards." Long fan, President of Shanghai Shutu blockchain Research Institute, said.
        Blockchain is a new interdisciplinary in the field of information science. China has shown that it does not lag behind developed countries in Europe and the United States on this new track. At the beginning of this year, Shanghai treetop blockchain Research Institute announced its self-developed treetop public chain, which can process more than 3000 transactions per second and has a performance bottleneck breakthrough that can be confirmed in 23 seconds. It is known as the world's third generation public chain, and its speed is 428 times that of the existing public chain bitcoin system and 75 times that of Ethereum system. After the performance of the underlying system of the blockchain is improved, it is also faced with the problem that the "data interface standard" restricts its wide application, that is, the communication and interaction rules between the underlying system of the blockchain and the applications on the underlying system of the blockchain.
        Ieeep3217 international blockchain system application interface specification standard is aimed at solving this bottleneck problem that affects the wide application of blockchain. "With the breakthrough of the underlying technology of blockchain public chain, tree graph has been recognized by the IEEE (Institute of electrical and Electronic Engineers) standards committee and dominates the p3217 standard." Long fan said. Ieeep3217 "application interface specification of blockchain system" will define and standardize the interface between blockchain layer and application layer of blockchain system, and clarify the technical requirements in intrusion protection, malicious code protection, program trusted execution, data integrity, data confidentiality, access control, security policy, management system, etc.
        As an emerging information processing technology, blockchain has been only 12 years since the birth of bitcoin. It is blank in many aspects of industry planning and technical standards. Whoever dominates the formulation of international standards in the blockchain industry can have more say and gain the first opportunity to seize the commanding heights of scientific and technological competition and future development. What is the use of blockchain standards? Long fan used mobile phones as an example: "in the past, each mobile phone brand had its own charging interface, unlike the three interfaces now. The unified interface lowered the technical threshold of developers, enriched the application ecosystem, and made the user experience better.". In the practice of blockchain industry, a common requirement is to transplant applications developed on one blockchain to another blockchain with different structures. If the interface standards are different, developers first need to spend a lot of energy and time developing the underlying system.
        "If the blockchain system is compared to a car, the industry is still in the stage of no unified car model at present. Some cars have the steering wheel on the left, some car engines in front, and drivers (equivalent to blockchain applications) need to change their ‘ driver's licenses ’ when driving different chains. Formulating standards is equivalent to a unified car model, so that drivers can quickly get started with various models." Long fan said. In this sense, the role of the international standard "application interface specification of blockchain system" is to unify the "steering wheel, accelerator and brake of blockchain", so that blockchain applications no longer need to independently adapt to the respective interfaces of different blockchain systems, so as to significantly reduce R & D costs and shorten the development cycle, and improve the efficiency of cross platform development, deployment, operation and maintenance of blockchain applications.
        In recent years, blockchain has become the hottest development direction at the forefront of the digital economy. New blockchain projects and technical solutions are emerging in endlessly. The scope of blockchain application forms and landing scenarios is expanding, and the industry scale is developing rapidly. Thanks to the formulation of the application interface standard of blockchain system, application layer developers can be liberated from the details of the underlying consensus system, and only need to focus on business logic without being familiar with the differences of each blockchain system, so as to greatly improve the efficiency of cross platform development, deployment, operation and maintenance of blockchain applications. "We hope that the switching of blockchain developers on different chains is as natural as using software on various models of mobile phones or driving cars of various brands and models by the same driver.
        ”Long fan said.
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