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Blockchain Daily reported that Xinjiang has cleared illegal "mining" enterprises, Shandong police have cracked the case of mining Trojan horse, and Switzerland wants to improve banks and numbers

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        Editor's note: due to the popularity of blockchain technology, enterprises in various industries have joined, and the blockchain industry has become more prosperous due to the participation of a large number of enterprises. Bianews will deliver industry information to blockchain practitioners and users in the form of daily reports, so that everyone can understand the blockchain industry from multiple levels and dimensions, so as to make their own correct judgments. According to the K-line chart of the btcboxbtc/ yen trading market of the Japan exchange, the trading price of BTC continued to decline from about 800000 yuan (about $7120) to the lowest point of 149000 yen (about $1336) this morning. Then it returned to normal level at 4 a.m.
        Subsequently, btcbox issued a statement on twitter saying: the bitcoin crash that occurred in our company last night has been clearly investigated, which was caused by a large number of transactions on some accounts, not hacker attacks. According to VentureBeat, influenced by the Swiss encryption Valley, Liechtenstein is currently promoting the development of the blockchain industry at full speed, becoming the preferred destination for cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies to find and carry out business. It is reported that encrypted transactions in the country are not regulated. Just like Thomas ·, a lawyer of Naegele, the country's leading law firm focusing on cryptocurrencies; Thomasfeldkircher said, "converting from bitcoin to ethercoin is like converting from wheat to rice. Liechtenstein does not regulate goods.
        ”。 According to sputniknews, coinbase, a major digital currency exchange headquartered in San Francisco, has established its own political action committee (PAC). The political action committee is an organization established to raise funds for the U.S. general election. The political action Commission of the United States should register with the Federal Election Commission. According to gulftoday, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) called on the Supreme Court (SC) to regulate bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to check illegal transactions, which will affect international capital flows. The Reserve Bank of India told chief executives dipakmisra and a.m.khanwilkar that their position should be very cautious because of the serious policy implications of this matter.
        According to ambcrypto, the Swiss financial market regulator, the Swiss National Bank and some local banks held a meeting recently, which mainly discussed how to strengthen the relationship between banks and digital currency enterprises. According to bitcoin, the British police department sold 295 BTCs seized from drug dealers, and the court ordered the drug dealer to give up the password stored in a hardware wallet. According to the financial times, the police set up their own bitcoin wallet and then used the offshore exchange to transfer and convert the seized BTC. The proceeds were then transferred to the police bank account, and the police retained 18.8% of the sales revenue, about £ 273000, to pay for its operating budget.
        According to, Tianjin Financial Work Bureau and ant financial have reached a cooperation agreement to use ant risk brain technology supervision platform to help local financial supervision and technological innovation, and strengthen systematic prevention of financial risks. According to Rui Xiongwen, vice president of ant financial, ant financial has formed an ant risk brain technology supervision platform based on its scientific and technological capabilities such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain, as well as years of risk model algorithm technology and experience in combating illegal financial activities, which can greatly improve the accuracy of stakeholder risk identification such as illegal fund-raising and pyramid schemes. Wang Changlin, a professor at Henan University of economics and law, revealed that at present, Henan is building the country's first blockchain based financial asset platform, using the latest smartcontract technology to issue "intelligent bonds" for the first time in Henan.
        It is understood that the platform aims to build a complete blockchain copyright authorization and rights protection model, solve the accountability model for illegal transfer of digital products based on blockchain, the legal effect of digital copyright protection based on blockchain, and provide legal services and technical support for online property management of digital copyright. people venture capital co held the founding ceremony of the Media Laboratory of the people venture capital blockchain Research Institute with the daily economic news in Santa Clara, the central city of Silicon Valley, on the 21st. Second, carry out network governance experiments and study the solutions of blockchain technology in information security, privacy protection, network rumors, network violence, bad and harmful information dissemination and other issues;.
        Third, carry out value social experiments, use blockchain technology to improve the trust mechanism in social communication, and promote the transition of social media from information communication to value communication. Recently, some media reported that the economic and Information Technology Commission of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region recently issued the notice on the removal of illegal power "mining" enterprises. The notice requires that the main responsibility of clearing and returning the illegal power "mining" enterprises is the power generation enterprises, and the clearing and returning of the illegal power "mining" enterprises should be completed before August 30, 2018. The scope of refund includes: 1. Illegal power "mining" enterprises that fail to go through the procedures of enterprise industrial and commercial registration, tax registration, social security and five insurances in accordance with national laws and regulations; 2、 Illegal power "mining" enterprises that have not signed power contracts with local power supply companies.
        According to the Legal Evening News, the recent case of "timiner" mining Trojan horse has been successfully cracked by Shandong police in Dalian, Liaoning, and its black production company has been successfully arrested. It is reported that the company illegally spreads Trojan viruses mainly through Internet cafes, chicken eating plug-ins, pirated videos and other channels, and illegally controls nearly 3.89 million user computer terminals to carry out digital cryptocurrency mining, compulsory advertising and other businesses. A total of nearly 20million digital currencies including DGB, HSR and XmR have been excavated, involving more than 15 million yuan. According to btcmanager, HSBC's global digital director said recently that due to the volatile nature of digital assets, heavyweight financiers have taken a "cautious" attitude towards cryptocurrencies.
        LexisNexis, who is currently responsible for the digital strategy of HSBC retail and asset management, reiterated that digital currencies such as bitcoin are very cautious because of their unpredictable nature and lack of practical use. Recently, Ethereum co-founder V Shen said on twitter that to see whether a blockchain project is decentralized, a simple point is to see whether an independent third party can become its customer and do what any "official customer" can do. According to Bloomberg, Federal Reserve Chairman Jero · Powell said recently that the emerging virtual currency ecosystem does not have the ability to pose a threat to the national financial system.
        Powell also said that the regulation of cryptocurrency is not within the jurisdiction of the Federal Reserve, because the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as well as other regulators in the state are providing excellent supervision for it, cracking down on many fraudulent initial coin products (ICO) and bitcoin related businesses that do not meet the requirements.
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