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Blockchain and medical application scenarios landing, |, 2018 China blockchain industry white paper reading 1

Time : 28/02/2022 Author : 514hsq Click : + -
        Recently, the 2018 white paper on China's blockchain industry was officially released, and it also mentions the application scenarios of blockchain and medicine at large, so you might as well learn again. Read how the state defines medical applications in blockchain. Not sharing examination data and medical records is a big drawback of hospitals at present, including, of course, the mutual distrust between hospitals, which leads to repeated high price difference fees and patients will consume a lot of time costs. Of course, the different standards of examination equipment, the different examination time points, the different conditions of patients in different periods, and the different judgments of different doctors on patients are also the reasons for these duplication and non sharing.
        The qualification of doctors is indeed the key point to be solved. I feel that some traditional Chinese medicine is the worst area for patients to distinguish, because the general way of understanding of traditional Chinese medicine is word-of-mouth communication (personal understanding). Word-of-mouth is the most difficult thing to define. The traceability of drugs should have been mentioned in the white paper of the national team blockchain. The book defines it as information disclosure, which is at least a preliminary application of drugs. Perhaps the national team believes that it will take time to completely solve the whole drug chain, and at least make information disclosure. As for health bracelets, it seems that some businesses have launched them in some hospitals, but they do not seem to be popular. In the early days of APP popularity, such applications exist. Now it is the age of DAPP. Is there a more accurate and tamperable way to continue to do it.
        rub one's eyes and wait. As a distributed accounting technology with multi-party maintenance, full backup and information security, blockchain will bring innovative ideas for medical data sharing, which will be a good breakthrough. The national team seems to be targeting image sharing for the key scenarios of information on the medical blockchain. Doctors in a hospital only trust the equipment of their own hospital and the consideration of the current patient's condition at that time. Sharing is not easy. It can't be easily solved by a blockchain platform technology. This is quite reliable. The shared data used for modeling and learning, as well as the retrieval of medical record diagnosis, is very important in the teaching process of every hospital, and the cross learning of important medical records is accepted by everyone.
        Let multiple parties obtain shared resources, such as medical practitioners, medical consultants, medical scholars and even patients themselves. Can obtain the shared image retrieval through certain ways. Of course, in the process of medical treatment, efforts should be made to share data among multiple parties on the blockchain platform to meet the requirements of obtaining patient historical data, using shared data for modeling and image retrieval, assisting doctors in treatment and health consultation, etc. We look forward to the vision!. It mainly focuses on the traceability, traceability query and traceability data transaction of medicine, and solves the problems of information opacity and asymmetry between upstream and downstream of the supply chain and information sharing among enterprises. On the one hand, after obtaining the authorization of each node, the data stored on the alliance chain can conduct statistical analysis on the whole chain data of the pharmaceutical supply chain, assist in the formulation of planning strategies, simplify the procurement process, reduce inventory levels, optimize logistics and transportation network planning, and provide commodity sales forecasts.
        On the other hand, the pharmaceutical traceability data trading market has built a big data trading platform to provide traceability data trading processes and pricing strategies, and promote all enterprise entities to respond to data needs inside and outside the alliance and complete transactions according to their own security and privacy requirements. 3. Excavate people's information (because the number of excavators of Cordyceps sinensis is still small, but there are also many. There are Cordyceps sinensis holidays in Tibetan areas, and many of them are family members who go out to excavate Cordyceps sinensis. This information should be available to collectors). 5. Collect people's information (now domestic decoction pieces manufacturers will collect the excavated Cordyceps in person at the first time. If it is a second-hand purchase, it also needs to collect information on the chain).
        Through consensus algorithm and smart contract, data sharing and management are carried out in the unified network. Regulators, medical institutions, third-party service providers and patients themselves can share sensitive information in a protected ecosystem, and work together to implement an integrated chronic disease intervention mechanism to ensure effective disease control. Longma information helps users create unique digital identities and corresponding public and private keys based on their unique identity information, and helps users authorize and manage personal data. User data collected by different institutions (including Longma information chronic disease management organization) will be packaged and encrypted and stored in their own nodes, and the identity management pool mechanism of each node will ensure the legal writing of user identity data Interconnection and data association between different user account systems, including identity management, authority certification, authorization management, etc.
        When all participating institutions clearly have the need to access user data not generated by their own institutions, after being authorized by the user, they can obtain the relevant real-time medical and health information of the user through key comparison, which ensures the privacy and security of the user and avoids the legal and ethical challenges caused by traditional medical data sharing. However, regulators can obtain reliable data in real time without comparing the data again, and master the overall situation of chronic disease management of residents, which greatly improves the efficiency of supervision. Through blockchain technology, the project provides a new experience of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, and realizes the whole process sharing, whole process collaboration and whole process intervention of chronic disease management on the basis of ensuring user privacy.
        With the increasing popularity and development of blockchain technology, it will bring obvious innovation to the medical field. Medical institutions, pharmaceutical factories, insurance companies, communities, equipment manufacturers, governments, etc. can benefit from it. Medical and health data can be shared across the network in a safer and faster way to better help the development of smart medicine.
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