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Xuzijing hcjanuary 11, 2020 bitcoin Express

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        On January 11, 2020, the Tokyo module of GBLP of the global blockchain leadership course of Huo coin University opened at the Yiqiao lecture hall of Yiqiao University. Yang Dong, Professor of the school of law of Renmin University of China and director of the big data blockchain and regulatory Technology Laboratory of Renmin University of China, gave a lecture. He believes that although the Japanese government actively supports blockchain and digital currency, the regulatory system behind it is very strict. Japan takes digital currency trading institutions as the main "focus" of supervision, and has made detailed provisions on the distinction between exchanges and traders' property. Japan has also gradually covered many areas of the blockchain industry chain through continuous legislative and regulatory actions, and the relevant legal regulation is in a relatively leading position in the world.
        Xu Zijing, according to the upstream news Chongqing Business Daily on January 11, at the two sessions in Chongqing, Fu Shaozhi, member of the municipal CPPCC and deputy director of Chongqing Three Gorges Institute of traditional Chinese medicine, initiated a proposal to promote the use of blockchain technology in environmental protection in the Three Gorges Reservoir area. Use blockchain technology to improve the ecological environment and promote the coordinated development of "one area and two groups". Fu Shaozhi said that it is necessary to establish a water quality monitoring network covering the whole Three Gorges Reservoir area, apply blockchain technology to realize the "authenticity" and "transparency" of water quality data in the Three Gorges Reservoir area, and realize the "cooperation" and "sharing" between multiple environmental protection entities. On January 11, 2020, the Tokyo module of GBLP of the global blockchain leadership course of Huo coin University opened in the Ichihashi lecture hall of Ichihashi University. Mr. Kazuki Hamada, a former member of the Japanese Senate, revealed in the course that Japan has actively promoted the application of blockchain. The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will likely use blockchain technology for food traceability to ensure food safety in the Olympic Village, as well as for Anti Doping work, For example, athletes' therapeutic medication exemption (Tue) use data cannot be tampered with after being linked.
        In the field of education, the Japanese government has also cooperated with Sony to integrate blockchain and AI technology to establish a "smart school platform" aimed at providing targeted and refined education programs for every student. Finally, he said that the development of Asian blockchain industry cannot be separated from the joint cooperation of China, Japan and South Korea, which will spare no effort to promote the technical exchange and in-depth cooperation in the field of blockchain between China and Japan. Xu Zijing, according to the economic information daily on January 10, Lao Prime Minister thong Lun said during his recent visit to China that he welcomed Chinese enterprises to Laos, a friendly neighboring country, for business development. Premier Tong Lun pointed out that Chinese entrepreneurs can pay attention to cooperation in agriculture, animal husbandry and digital economy.
        Blockchain technology enterprises are welcome to invest in Laos and look forward to win-win cooperation with Chinese enterprises in the field of digital economy.
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