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Tourism industry upgrading! The new era of tourism blockchain application is coming

Time : 02/01/2022 Author : 9zuti0 Click : + -
        As the largest business service industry in the world, tourism still has many problems. The completion of tourism activities requires close cooperation from many parties. During the journey, there may be problems such as asymmetric tourism information, high transaction costs, shrinking tourism products and services, overbooking of air tickets and hotel products, shopping tourism and so on. Blockchain technology has a unique fit with tourism, and tourism has the opportunity to use this technology to gain development advantages. Take Yunnan as an example. In a flagship store of Pu'er tea, consumers only need to scan the QR code on the tea cake with their mobile phones, and the "past and present lives" of this tea instantly appear on the screen. In addition to the authenticity and serial number of tea cakes, the small QR code also carries the manufacturer, raw material origin, production date, specification, storage and other information.
        This is a brand-new tourism consumption experience brought by the Pu'er tea traceability system developed through the blockchain, which can help "old tea drinkers" understand the tea cake information at a glance. Blockchain technology can also be used for the management of aviation baggage. Aviation baggage management is similar to the supply chain, and in aviation, the transported goods are passengers' baggage. In international flights, baggage is handled by several different institutions, each of which may constitute a fault point. From the check-in counter of the airport, the baggage may be lost or damaged during the journey. The blockchain based distributed ledger can make it easier and safer for different organizations to share tracking information.
        With the help of blockchain, tourists can quickly know where their luggage is, so as to improve the sense of tourism experience. The use of blockchain technology for transactions to form a credit mechanism can provide financial services such as commercial factoring, financial leasing, financing guarantee, and help small and medium-sized tourism enterprises solve their financing difficulties. The application of blockchain in tourism is still in the exploratory stage and has great potential. Its potential application fields involve digital payment, business process reengineering, the improvement of non intermediary level, tourism supply chain management and the construction of tourism credit system, covering the core factors of tourism enterprises, tourism transportation, accommodation, catering, scenic spots and tourism shopping.
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