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The number of blockchain patent applications in China ranks first in the world, with more than 10000 registered enterprises

Time : 26/10/2021 Author : q9ocd6 Click : + -
        We have entered the 5g era, and the transactions and payments between devices will show explosive growth. Therefore, financial institutions and communication enterprises are studying how to use the consensus and security of blockchain to solve potential risks. When blockchain meets 5g, what changes will it bring to our production and life?. Since the birth of the concept of blockchain, insiders and most experts generally believe that blockchain is the next technological revolution. In addition to the trust enhancement, value transmission and other attributes realized by blockchain itself, blockchain has placed a lot of expectations on the organizational process reengineering of existing systems and businesses. However, blockchain technology has mostly developed in two directions before: first, simply follow the direction specified by bitcoin and Ethereum, and increase efforts at the bottom technical level of the public chain; The second is to build an ecosystem by combining with the contents of token economy and community organizations.
        Many people ignore the combination of blockchain technology and specific industries, and do not use blockchain technology to reengineer industrial systems and business processes. A few days ago, a number of experts and insiders said in an interview with the reporter of Securities Daily that the number of blockchain patent applications in China has now ranked first in the world, and blockchain technology will have broader application prospects in finance, people's livelihood, government affairs and other fields in the future. Yu Rui, chief analyst of linktower think tank, told the Securities Daily that in the face of important good news, the sharp rise in the stock market is a normal performance of the market, which also reflects investors' high recognition of blockchain related concepts and confidence in the future development of the industry.
        However, it should be pointed out that at present, not all enterprises in the blockchain sector have actual blockchain business and revenue, which will not be reflected in performance in the short term. Investors should treat it rationally and pay more attention to the long-term healthy development of blockchain. "Although the prospect of blockchain is promising, the existence of demand does not mean the existence of solutions, and practitioners also need to treat it calmly." Yu Rui said, "according to the monitoring of the linktower data platform, as of the beginning of March 2019, the number of domestic blockchain enterprises has exceeded 10000, with an increase of more than twice compared with the end of 2018, and there is a huge foam. The chaos of the blockchain industry also needs to be strictly regulated by the regulatory authorities.
        ”。 Shen Meng, founder of fingerprint financial technology, believes that the progress of Chinese Listed Companies in blockchain technology is still at a relatively early stage. While actively deploying, listed companies can focus on verifying the existing modules of blockchain technology in combination with practical applications, and explore scenario based blockchain applications to promote blockchain technology to empower the real economy. It is worth noting that many industry experts interviewed by the reporter of Securities Daily said that the main application scenarios of blockchain at present are in the financial field, including cross-border payment, Global trade logistics, supply chain finance and credit investigation. Wu Sijin, CEO of the well-known blockchain enterprise complex beauty, believes that blockchain does not directly promote the growth of supply chain financial performance, but plays an indirect role, but it is immeasurable. He explained to the reporter of Securities Daily, "at present, blockchain plays a more important role in supply chain finance in reducing costs and improving efficiency.
        The cost here includes communication cost, reconciliation cost and time cost, because the distributed verification consensus mechanism of blockchain enables all parties involved to easily clarify their responsibilities and unify business data, so as to trust the information on the chain. ". Wu Sijin said that blockchain is an underlying technology, which is mainly responsible for the distributed storage of data. The consensus mechanism is used to make the stored data tamperable and traceable. When such data is accumulated to a certain extent, it can reflect the credit value brought by these real data. "Therefore, the application of blockchain is not particularly closely related to the great leap forward development of enterprises' business in the short term, but in the long run, the tamper proof credit data accumulated by enterprises on blockchain will have a great impact on their own business and financing.
        ”(LV Jiangtao).
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