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Current and future change logic of blockchain

Time : 05/03/2022 Author : k1sj6y Click : + -
        Today, a netizen asked whether bitcoin Shiba is a risky asset or a safe haven asset? Why is it falling so much now?. My view remains unchanged. I think it is a risky asset now and may be a safe haven asset in the future. In terms of scale, it is a risky asset, but in terms of logic, it should be a safe haven asset. Disclaimer, the following are personal guesses, for reference only, and do not represent any suggestions. I neither participate in nor recommend it. If I continue to read it, it means I agree. Mainstream assets, such as the stock market, are really frightening if they fall by 30%, but is it a matter of bitcoin falling by 30% and even if the current Chaigou falls by 50%?.
        What is a safe haven asset? Such as gold. I have read a saying that the main wealth of the rich around the world is in real estate and stocks. But they will also spend about 3% and 5% of their total wealth to buy things like gold. Gold itself is basically useless, or its use is brought about by its high price. Industrial use does not support such high value. Another point is that gold has formed enough consensus that gold can be found all over the world. People all over the world are obsessed with gold and believe that gold is valuable. Everyone thought he was valuable, so they bought it. After buying it, they thought it was more valuable, and then they bought it again.
        This is the mountain where there was a temple. It's a circular argument. When an east-west circular argument, it represents a kind of foam. But it is also value. They are actually more portable. And better cash, you just need to remember a string of English words in your mind. As long as there is mobile phone software when cashing in. As for stability, there will be no depreciation at all unless you lose your private key. There are tens of thousands of nodes in the world to guarantee for you, unless you destroy all computer nodes. This is almost impossible. At the same time, compared with gold, their value transfer is more convenient. Although it takes some time to pay and settle, it is also much more convenient than gold.
        The last is the consensus mechanism, which relies on a set of mathematical algorithms to ensure that all nodes in the whole network keep a copy. The spread of this consensus is actually faster. This can also explain why gold has been born for thousands of years, while bitcoin has only been born for a dozen years, but its value can gradually catch up with gold. In fact, during the Vietnam War, many rich people left with gold bullion. In the recent turmoil in Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan, it is rumored that the rich took bitcoin with them. And once there is a problem, the local transaction price will rise sharply. With the gradual increase and stability of the gold market, chips are concentrated in the hands of people who are more determined and have a higher belief in gold, or large institutions, and their trading level is higher.
        So gold began to grow slowly. The rich regard it as the ultimate means of hedging risks. When the world is peaceful, the price of gold falls, but when the economy is bad, the price of gold rises. The price of gold is often opposite to the yield of ten-year Treasury bonds. With the gradual expansion of the blockchain market, the degree of consensus is higher. People's belief in bitcoin and firewood dog has increased. More people, more firmly optimistic. Plus the prosperity of central finance. Many virtual assets become interest bearing assets. The current scale cannot be compared with that of gold. When the influx of more funds is more stable and larger, it may have the characteristics of safe haven assets.
        Once people encounter extreme situations, they will replace all the liquidity in their hands with this kind, which can be quickly cashed in, and is stable in nature, and will not be depreciated. There is no need to worry that others will take it away. Always own assets. I often say that the value of many things actually comes from needs. Think about yourself. Do you have such needs? Take out a small amount of wealth and put it into this thing. Many people help you confirm it, but outsiders don't know whether you have it at all. As long as a string of words can be recovered.
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