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New play method of Auto Enterprises: Zhiji automobile enters the drive, to, and earn markets

Time : 17/09/2021 Author : 4gpwbk Click : + -
        With the increasing development of AI, big data, cloud computing, IOT and other technologies, human life and work scenes are inseparable from digitalization, and social, consumption, learning and other behaviors are deeply affected by Digitalized solutions. While enjoying the convenience of digitalization, end users often need to actively or passively provide various data information. These data will be stored in the server of the service provider and become an important means for enterprises to understand user behavior and potential consumption needs, which will promote the growth of enterprise value to a certain extent. It can also be said that user data has become an important means of production for major modern enterprises. The core operation logic of the giant enterprises in the web2 era is to obtain user data and make profits.
        However, as a data producer, more and more users begin to realize that the value generated by enterprises using data is not allocated to users. Even, in some cases, the disclosure of personal privacy data has brought more inconvenience to work and life. With the geometric growth of precipitated data on the Internet, people are eager to get rid of the identity of "data slaves", and there is an urgent need for a new order to break the existing situation. So Web3 came into being. Compared with web2, the core goal of Web3 is to let users have ownership and autonomy over their own data. The common means is to solve the potential problems of data monopoly, privacy infringement, giant "evil" and so on in the web2 era through new organizational forms and business models.
        For example, Web3 application representative, chain game leader stepn, let everyone taste the sweetness of using their own sports data to earn rewards, and also blew the wind of movetoearn in the circle. Stepn allows users to get the experience of sports and revenue while contributing data. Zhiji automobile, which is in the intelligent automobile industry, has obtained and relied on the massive driving data of users to drive product iteration in the process of production, sales and operation (this is also the operation idea of many intelligent vehicles). However, when many web2 car companies are still in the "plagiarizing" user data stage, Zhiji automobile took the lead in launching the "original stone Valley user data equity plan", realizing "drivetoearn" and giving back data values such as driving to car owners.
        Previously, the exploration of drivetoearn mainly came from some native products in the Web3 industry, such as hivemapper. It sells specific dash cam to collect map data and earn rewards for car owners. However, due to compliance restrictions in different regions, hivemapper cannot be widely adopted at present. In addition, the need to purchase official dash cam has also raised the entry threshold to a certain extent. In contrast, the "original stone Valley user data equity plan" launched by Zhiji auto has no similar products in the Web3 industry, and it is also a "pioneer" in the field of web2 auto enterprises.
        Why is data particularly important for the smart car industry? Generally speaking, the data types collected by intelligent vehicles include dozens of categories, such as vehicle driving data, body data, control data, video data, image data, coordinate data, etc. Among them, a large part of users are most concerned about personal data, including the owner's consumption and living habits information, driving trajectory and so on. In addition to serving users, the information transferred by users is also used by car companies for background analysis for product improvement and experience optimization. For example, driving data can be used to guide the development of driving modes under complex road conditions. Car owners can avoid the harm caused by visual blind spots and reduce unnecessary acceleration and braking through the switching of different driving modes.
        From this, we can also see that intelligent automobile products have changed from hardware based industrial products to data-driven intelligent terminals. User data has also become the core driving force of brand growth in the future. As long as the owner of Zhiji automobile is qualified to participate in the "original stone Valley user data equity plan" after activating the vehicle and agreeing to the authorized data, there is no additional entry threshold. Users can get original stone rewards by using their own driving data, and there is no need to worry about compliance issues. With the gradual enrichment of data market participants and the precipitation and accumulation of data itself, the value of data will increase significantly. Therefore, based on the interpretation of the logic of the times, Zhiji automobile broke through the boundary of web2 automobile enterprises, abandoned the traditional underlying operation mechanism, took "user data value confirmation" as the main operation logic, and adopted the drivetoearn mode, which has not been widely used in the Web3 industry at present. By mining the driving data of car owners, it accelerated product iteration, and gave back to car owners in the form of data rights, so that car owners can make profits at the same time, It can also attract more users for the brand, generate more data, and then continue to drive product upgrading iterations, forming a positive cycle.
        Similar to stepn, the reward is mined from the mileage of users' movement, and the "raw stone" of Zhiji automobile is mined from the mileage of users' driving. The owner of Zhiji automobile will dig for rewards based on the "vehicle and driving behavior data" authorized for daily use. Car owners first need to authenticate and sign the "data equity agreement", and then the driving data contributed by each kilometer of driving mileage will be included in the data pool participating in mileage mining. The more mileage users drive, the more data they contribute, and the more rewards they will receive. The reward for user mining is called "raw stone", which represents the data rights and interests of users. The raw stone mined by mileage accounts for 70% of the total (constant 300million).
        The raw stone is halved every four years, and a batch is dropped every 10 minutes. A total of 144 batches are dropped every day. Due to the impact of the halving mechanism, users will mine raw stones more intensively in the later stage. Therefore, the earlier they participate, the more rewards they receive, and the more data rights and interests they have. In addition, users can also get crystal by participating in interactive tasks on the app and official co creation activities. Crystal can be used to draw a blind box. This blind box uses NFT's playing method for reference, and sets four rarity levels: SSR, s, a, and B. the rewards corresponding to each level are different, and the rarest blind box will receive raw stone rewards. This rare design will increase the enthusiasm of users to participate in interaction and remind users that raw stone is a scarce resource.
        In addition to mining methods, Zhiji automobile also focuses on the richness of mining scenes, and builds an exclusive "meta universe scene of car life" for car owners, covering movingart, the most beautiful highway, citylife, techday and other multiple scenes. The evolution and upgrading of vehicles completed by users in the virtual world will affect the mileage mining ability or upgrading function of real vehicles. The resulting fresh experience can make users feel the pleasure of "immersive mining". In addition to collecting driving data and rewarding raw stone, Zhiji can also establish a data sharing pool in which car owners contribute their driving data. The product team can view the data and understand the content provided. They can price the data according to the availability of the data, so that users can obtain raw stone rewards by contributing data, from a one-time transaction to a longer-term and flexible value exchange.
        Or, Zhiji provides to make personal driving data into nft&mdash& mdash; Represents permission to access user data. Car owners can sell this data NFT to other data users in exchange for raw stones. Data NFT can also be classified into different rarity according to data uniqueness, availability and other factors. The higher the rarity of data NFT, the higher the value of raw stone. In addition, the data NFT can also be given specific time limits and process endpoints. Once the deadline or endpoint is reached, the data NFT will be automatically destroyed. Try to disassemble the actual value of the original stone. Is it a centralized integral or a decentralized "data asset"? The answer to this question may return to the adoption of underlying technology.
        Zhiji automobile applies blockchain technology to the intelligent automobile industry this time, encapsulates the driving data assets as data objects that can be linked, ensures the uniqueness of the assets through the digital identification association mechanism, and manages the driving data assets and confirms the rights of each data asset with the help of its tamper free and traceable characteristics. At the same time, Zhiji automobile also maps the data assets to the digital identity of the driving data subject, so as to realize the transfer of driving data value, making driving data a liquid asset with real value. In addition, technical solutions such as cryptography and privacy computing can also protect the driving data. The user's data will be collected in a desensitized and completely safe manner, and will not be mastered by the smart system.
        Compared with the traditional point mode, this way of confirming the right of data can make the data truly belong to the user, which is not controlled by the central service operator, and there is no need to worry about being cleared at any time and other events that change their potential rights and interests. Zhiji obtained the initial round of financing of 10billion yuan at the early stage of its establishment, of which SAIC held 54%, Pudong New Area and Alibaba held 18% respectively, and others accounted for 10%. Such a luxurious management background will increase the credit of attracting user experience for the "original stone Valley user data equity plan". But after all, Zhiji Auto's attempt has not been successful in the industry, which inevitably makes people doubt whether the new plan launched by Zhiji auto is drawing cakes?.
        At present, users can exchange raw stones for various hardware, software and upgrade services specified by Zhiji automobile, such as the valuable next-generation lidar integrated intelligent driving system, which includes a full set of hardware such as high-power orin-x chip supported by NVIDIA, or upgrade high-order energy batteries. These hardware have improved the hard power of Zhiji automobile. With the improvement of algorithms, data and infrastructure conditions, users can also experience better and better intelligent driving scenes. Zhiji automobile has said that one year after the owner's normal driving of no less than 5000 kilometers per year and the official launch of the new intelligent driving system, angel wheel users can upgrade the software and hardware of the original factory with up to 6800 raw stones; Bind the data value with subsequent upgrades to attract consumers to participate and benefit as soon as possible.
        In addition, 300million raw stones will be endorsed with 4.9% equity income of Zhiji, mapping the asset income and dividend corresponding to this part of equity, so that the value of raw stones will also increase with the increase of the value of Zhiji's equity. Some time ago, on the first anniversary of its listing, Naixue tea launched the activity of "placing an order to give virtual shares and convertible vouchers" in its applet. Users can use "Naixue points" to buy / sell virtual stocks and become virtual shareholders, or use Naixue points to exchange various gifts in Naixue points mall. Naixue virtual stocks are bound with real stocks. Similarly, we can also guess that Zhiji's original stone can also expand its value to the field of financial derivatives, such as linking the original stone to the market trend of Zhiji automobile, and the original stone will fluctuate with the rise and fall of the stock price, so as to improve the liquidity of the original stone, while allowing users holding the original stone to enjoy the dividends of enterprise growth, and deeply bind the return of user rights and interests with the value of the company.
        This model may be able to attract all parties, including investors, KOL and young end consumers, to join the ecosystem, and build a new sales network through the power of the community. Finally, the sales network will take the original stone as the main payment and trading medium, and car owners can obtain original stone rewards by recommending new car owners, selling used cars and upgrading accessories. It can be seen that the economic model of "original stone Valley" brings users into the value chain of the enterprise as partners, so that users can participate in the profitability of the enterprise. This equity model is no longer at the same ideological level as the current web2 automotive ecosystem. In the future, it is not ruled out that under the premise of compliance, the original stone can also be used as a governance vote. People who own the original stone can directly participate in enterprise decision-making, product iteration and other aspects. This higher degree of participation will help Zhiji automobile transition to the Web3 form of auto enterprise Dao.
        Return to Sohu to see more.
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