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Blockchain patent applications in China rank among the world's leading companies in the first industry chain segment, which deserves attention - Bull and bear eyes

Time : 23/08/2021 Author : e87cof Click : + -
        In the afternoon of November 19, the concept of blockchain continued to rise. As of press time, 8 shares including Jinke culture, Shenzhen Datong and China Academy of construction sciences rose by the limit, while many shares such as mengwang group, Haoyun technology and Xinhuanet rose by more than 6%, and other stocks rose one after another. On November 19, at the sub forum of the 2019 Beijing international financial security forum with the theme of "focusing on financial security and building an attractive characteristic financial agglomeration area", Shang Jin, director of the expert Office of the China Information Association, said that the blockchain industry can not further break through the bottleneck of innovation without the in-depth integration and innovation of technology, business and scene. On the one hand, we need to constantly strengthen the close integration of blockchain technology and various application scenarios; On the other hand, we need to strengthen the training of compound talents in the application field of blockchain.
        At the same time, we should also promote the coordination and cooperation of industrial entities, explore and build a bridge of policy transmission and information feedback between the government and the market, deepen the multi-level cooperation mechanism between the government and enterprises, and promote the linkage and cooperation between upstream and downstream entities of the industrial chain through industry associations, alliances, industry university research integration institutions and other platforms, so as to speed up the commercialization process of the whole industry, so as to form an effective closed loop of commercial value, Drive the benign innovation and development of the entire industrial ecosystem. On November 18, the official website of the Ministry of industry and information technology revealed that Zhang Feng, a member of the Party group and chief engineer of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out at the 2019 international blockchain conference that it was necessary to accelerate the innovation and development of blockchain technology industry and vigorously promote the deep integration of blockchain and economy and society.
        First, track and analyze cutting-edge trends and accelerate the improvement of top-level design. Accurately grasp the development law of blockchain technology industry, and further clarify the path of blockchain innovation, development and application. The second is to strengthen the research and development of blockchain core technology and continuously improve the innovation ability. Strive to break through key core technologies such as smart contracts, consensus mechanisms, encryption algorithms, and support the construction of blockchain open source communities. Third, accelerate the pace of application implementation and promote the integration of blockchain and the real economy. Support backbone enterprises to create a number of typical cases that can be copied and promoted in key areas such as product traceability, certificate storage and forensics, data sharing, copyright protection, etc. Fourth, establish and improve the standard system, and build and improve the industrial ecosystem.
        Accelerate the establishment of the national blockchain and Distributed Accounting Technology Standardization Committee, promote the development and application of key urgently needed standards, and actively connect with ISO, ITU and other international standards organizations. Fifth, focus on strengthening safety assurance and guiding the healthy development of the industry. Strengthen the research and analysis of blockchain security risks, and explore the establishment of a security assurance system suitable for blockchain technology mechanisms. In addition, according to the blockchain white paper (2019) released by the China Academy of information and communications, the number of applications for blockchain patents that are currently open worldwide is as high as 18000, with China accounting for more than half, ranking first in the world. The blockchain white paper (2019) points out that although the global blockchain industry has seen a decline in capital popularity and a slowdown in enterprise growth, the pace of application implementation has significantly accelerated.
        At present, 38% of global blockchain enterprises are concentrated in the field of cryptocurrency, and 23% of enterprises are focused on blockchain technology research and development. The Internet and financial industry are the two most widely used fields. The number of blockchain enterprises in the United States, China and the United Kingdom ranked among the top three. Guoyuhang, chairman of the China blockchain Application Research Center, said that in terms of the number of patents, China can be said to be the latecomer first. But at the same time, guoyuhang believes that the number of patents can only be used as a reference. "Because in the blockchain field, many original achievements are first released in the open source community, that is, there is no intellectual property rights. Almost all the most important innovations in the blockchain field come from the open source community.
        ”。 "In this regard, the gap between China and the United States is still large, which needs to be faced up to and cannot be affected by the number of patents. To play a leading role in the blockchain field, China still needs to continue to increase technology investment and research and development." Guoyuhang said. It is widely expected in the industry that the application of blockchain in the financial field in the future will mainly focus on cross-border remittance, trade financing, supply chain finance, insurance, financial supervision technology and other fields, including e-government. Tianfeng Securities said that in the short term, digital currency can reduce the high cost of physical currency and enhance the grasp of information in the transaction process; In the long run, digital currency is expected to enrich monetary policy tools, promote cross-border circulation and support the internationalization of the RMB. The most important thing is that it is expected to enhance the efficiency of capital flow and reduce credit risk in the field of people's livelihood.
        At present, the international community is mainly developing countries. For the reasons of strengthening the status of legal currency and improving the financial system, digital currency is issued, but it is also because of the insufficient status of legal currency that it is difficult to succeed. China is expected to become the first mainstream economy to issue digital legal currency. In terms of investment strategy, Tianfeng securities suggests paying attention to three industrial chain opportunities. At the level of the central bank, the construction scale is small, and it is expected to be mainly self-developed and self built. There is little opportunity for enterprises to participate. We can pay attention to the opportunities of infrastructure industries such as database, middleware, network security, etc; At the launch level, the transformation of traditional systems and the construction of new systems, with emphasis on Changliang technology, it is recommended to pay attention to Runhe software, xinyada, etc; Certification system, with emphasis on Geer software and digital certification; For the transformation of bank machines and tools, it is suggested to pay attention to radio and television express, Julong shares, etc; At the circulation level, payment machines and tools are mainly recommended to the new continent, and it is recommended to pay attention to the new capital; It is suggested to pay attention to the new world, lakala (media coverage), and the new national capital; The growth period of Tob application is expected to be after the stable operation of digital currency. At the current time point, it is suggested to pay attention to industry platforms with strong operation ability, such as Hang Seng electronics, Shanghai Steel Union, high beam software, aerospace information, information development, etc.
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