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Track and lock the "address" and monitor the "mining" in real time

Time : 16/11/2021 Author : 98bzga Click : + -
        A group of criminals published part-time information on the Internet, recruited some social personnel, bought and sold virtual currency through the virtual currency trading platform, and finally cashed out by the part-time workers to the "running points" platform, successfully realizing the cleaning of funds. Public security organs also sacrifice "secret weapons" &mdash& mdash; "Non hidden" virtual currency crime early warning and tracking platform (hereinafter referred to as "non hidden platform"). The investigators can analyze and restore the complete flow of virtual currency funds through only one "address" of the virtual currency involved, and can locate the identity of the suspect involved through "one click verification". Virtual currency refers to various cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology, such as bitcoin, Ethereum, TEDA coin, etc.
        "The ‘ address ’ of virtual currency can be compared to a bank card number without identity information, and its display form is a string composed of characters and numbers. The ‘ address ’ can be generated by program code, and tens of thousands of ‘ addresses ’ can be generated by a few lines of code. The transfer of virtual currency is carried out between ‘ addresses ’ and therefore, virtual currency has the characteristics of anonymity, and the public security organs have not taken advantage of ‘ before." Hand weapon ’ It's hard to identify when you track, study and judge. " Said huzhengyuan, general manager of Zhongke Lianan (Nanjing) Technology Co., Ltd.
        Zhongke Lianan independently developed the "invisibility platform". Relying on massive address tags and accurate algorithm models, it can trace the source of the virtual currency capital flow, accurately lock the suspects associated with the capital flow, and assist the police in combating all kinds of virtual currency crimes, so that virtual currency crimes can be hidden. At present, the "non hidden platform" has been deployed to the public security intranet, and many police types of the national public security system, such as economic investigation, criminal investigation, public security, and Internet security, can be used online, and are free for life. Up to now, Zhongke Lianan has cooperated with law enforcement agencies at all levels to investigate hundreds of virtual currency cases involving tens of billions of yuan. Hu Zhengyuan said that in recent years, with the development of blockchain technology, illegal and criminal activities such as money laundering, fraud, pyramid selling, online gambling, terrorism and drugs related through virtual currency have emerged in an endless stream, and the criminal means have become more hidden, which has brought new challenges to law enforcement units at all levels in combating virtual currency related crimes.
        The rise of new things also breeds new opportunities. At the beginning of its establishment in 2018, Zhongke Lianan focused on monitoring and cracking down on virtual currency crimes through blockchain, big data and other technologies, cooperated with various law enforcement units, and laid out this new "track" early. In just a few years, it has grown into a leading virtual currency tracking and analysis service provider in China, and is also the only blockchain service provider in China that has been filed with the national cyberspace office with the "blockchain traceability service". "The founding team members have more than 10 years of experience in the field of Internet Security and big data. Based on blockchain technology and core algorithms, they have created ‘ invisibility platform ’.
        ”Hu Zhengyuan said that the platform was launched in July 2021 and continued to be upgraded iteratively, with important updates and new functions added almost every month. At present, the "invisibility platform" has the functions of virtual currency traceability, anonymous address penetration on the chain, high-risk transaction warning, case capital flow model, currency mixing behavior penetration, etc. Hu Zhengyuan introduced that the "non hidden platform" can monitor all transactions on the blockchain in real time, and classify and warn high-risk transactions such as drug-related and transmission related according to its own high-risk address database. It can not only monitor the dynamics of funds in handling cases in real time, but also effectively expand clues. According to the fund characteristics of various virtual currency cases, the "non hidden platform" also conducts data modeling for the virtual currency fund flow of different types of cases, such as pyramid selling, fraud, money laundering, drug-related, online gambling, and continues to optimize the algorithm, which can directly generate the virtual currency fund flow chart of such cases, showing important information such as the size of the case, the number of people involved, and the key address, making the police handling the case more convenient.
        Due to the huge benefits, although the state has issued various regulatory notices, the "mining" behavior of virtual currency is still prohibited repeatedly, which also contains various illegal and illegal behaviors. Hu Zhengyuan said that Zhongke Lianan has developed a virtual currency "mining" monitoring product, which can monitor the "mining" behavior of virtual currency nationwide in real time and provide effective supervision tools for relevant departments. In addition, Zhongke Lianan also summarized and updated the domestic court cases, policies and regulations related to virtual currency in real time, which helps the case handlers understand the real domestic cases of virtual currency.
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