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Shanda Diwei: the national unified human community block chain platform project company obtained the letter of acceptance on November 3, 2021

Time : 14/03/2022 Author : ys53w0 Click : + -
        Tonghuashun 300033) financial research center on December 29, an investor asked Shanda Diwei a question. The company once replied during institutional research that it has won the bid for the construction project of "national unified human community blockchain platform" of the Ministry of human resources and social security of China, which is a large blockchain project! First of all, congratulations to the company for obtaining such affirmation and trust. This is a big project serving hundreds of millions of people. If you download apps, the company will definitely benefit. Can you give a detailed introduction of the progress of the project? In turn, how can the company expand more blockchain applications? thank you. The company replied, dear investors, Hello! The project company obtained the letter of acceptance on November 3, 2021, and the construction period of the project is 12 months. At present, the company has formed a team and stationed in the Ministry of human resources and social security to carry out relevant work in an all-round way, mainly including the national "one chain", four systems, social security certificate and electronic labor contract.
        The project will play a positive role in the company's business expansion: first, the construction of human resources and social security chains and related systems in all provinces of the country; The second is the interface and system transformation of data supply side and demand side brought by the implementation of application scenarios; Third, expand the implementation of new application scenarios, such as job recruitment, talent services, vocational qualification certificates, etc; Fourth, with the promotion of the project, hundreds of millions of people and a large number of employment insured units across the country are on the chain, which is expected to become the world's largest blockchain application system, and will play a positive role in the application of the company's blockchain "data people", virtual tellers, and virtual service halls. Thank you for your attention.
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