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The strict supervision of blockchain continues: another batch of blockchain official account have been blocked, and many places have issued warnings

Time : 04/11/2021 Author : mop94a Click : + -
        On the evening of November 20, Tencent finance official Weibo said that some blockchain media were blocked by wechat, including deep chain deepchain, coin circle bond, one coin, coin speculation school, etc. The reason for the display of the closure interface is that the account has been stopped because of the user's complaint and the platform's review, which is suspected of violating relevant laws, regulations and policies. The reporter of the daily economic news noted that this is not the first time that wechat has closed down blockchain we media official account. In August last year, blockchain well-known we media official account such as Huo coin information, Shenzhen chain finance, cannon rating, and coin world express services were closed down on a large scale. Recently, in view of the chaos of blockchain, the relevant regulatory authorities have issued several documents to rectify, including virtual currency trading venues, issuing or promoting legal digital currency in the name of the people's Bank of China.
        The reporter opened a coin and the deep chain deepchain wechat official account. The latest updated articles were all on Tuesday (November 19). The click in article showed that "this account has been blocked, and the content can't be viewed. After the user complained and reviewed by the platform, it is suspected of violating relevant laws, regulations and policies.". According to qixinbao, the main account of wechat official account deep chain deepchain is Beijing Jiubu semi Cultural Media Center (limited partnership), which was established in April, 2018. In terms of shareholders, there are two natural person shareholders, Wang Peng and Zhu Xingxing, with subscribed contributions of 80000 yuan and 20000 yuan respectively; The account subject of one coin is Shenzhen zhaihehe technology and Culture Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 67333 yuan, the date of establishment is March 2016, and the legal representative is Peng Chao.
        The reporter searched the wechat official account of "coin circle bond and coin speculation school", but it has not been found. There are two official account "coin circle bond 1" and "coin circle bond service number" when searching for "coin circle bond". Among them, "coin circle bond 1" shows that "the large number is sealed, and this number is a standby number". An article on blockchain has been published this morning. As early as last August, wechat has carried out a large-scale "ban", and a number of blockchain well-known we media have been banned. At that time, Tencent said that some official account were suspected of publishing hype information about ICO and virtual currency transactions, in violation of the Interim Provisions on the development and management of instant messaging tools public information services, and had been ordered to block all content, and their accounts were permanently blocked.
        On August 2 this year, the people's Bank of China held a working video conference for the second half of 2019, which pointed out: "accelerate the pace of research and development of China's legal digital currency (dc/ep), track and study the development trend of domestic and foreign virtual currencies, and continue to strengthen the regulation of Internet financial risks.". Since then, most of the stock prices of listed companies and related concept stocks that study blockchain have experienced roller coaster fluctuations. However, many people in the currency circle interpreted the policy as "beneficial virtual currency" and took advantage of it, and a number of projects with the gimmick of "legal digital currency" appeared to defraud investors of money. A few days ago, the central bank issued a document saying: "at present, the so-called issuance of legal digital currency on the Internet, as well as the acts of individual institutions launching" dc/ep "or" DCEP "in the name of the people's Bank of China to trade on the asset trading platform, may involve fraud and pyramid selling.
        ”。 On November 15, a reporter from the "daily economic news" confirmed from a person close to the central bank that the Shanghai joint office for financial stability recently issued a notice jointly with the mutual fund regulation office of the Shanghai headquarters of the people's Bank of China to carry out the regulation of virtual currency trading venues. The notice said that recently, with the promotion and publicity of blockchain technology, the hype of virtual currency has shown signs of rising. In order to prevent the resurgence, according to the relevant deployment of the national mutual fund regulation office, all District regulation offices are requested to figure out the activities related to virtual currency within their jurisdiction.
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