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Lenovo is using blockchain to challenge Google!

Time : 26/10/2021 Author : lk63g4 Click : + -
        You must have heard the three words blockchain? In the past few years, blockchain has been the hottest direction in the field of venture capital. The vision of decentralization has infected countless idealists, but then the various tokens generated around blockchain have turned this technology into a means for liars to cut leeks. With the collapse of the currency market in 2018, blockchain teams who wanted to suffocate their dreams gradually lost their voices,. Recently, the paper "blockchain based distributed model training" by the AI computing platform team of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Lenovo Research Institute was selected as the only "best paper" by the International Symposium on blockchain fundamentals and applications fab2019. To effectively solve the problem of data islands at the technical level, a blockchain based distributed model training solution (BDML) is proposed by integrating blockchain and AI technology.
        In the era of big data and deep learning, in order to give full play to the performance of artificial intelligence models, massive data is needed for training. However, in many fields, such as government e-government, smart city, health care, finance, transportation and other fields, due to the privacy of data and the lack of relevant laws and regulations, resulting in data islands, the advantages of the deep learning model can not be brought into full play. Taking the medical field as an example, there are thousands of medical information software manufacturers in China, and the data between different manufacturers and different systems cannot be interconnected. In order to better protect the privacy of patients and the security of medical data, it is difficult for data between different hospitals to interact effectively.
        Therefore, at present, most of the hospital data are still limited to the circulation in the hospital, and it is impossible to concentrate the data of multiple hospitals for large-scale research. The models trained in many hospitals also lack an effective way to further integrate, making it difficult for the experience of different hospital experts to be effectively integrated. In the past, this was an unsolvable problem. Every hospital knew that artificial intelligence could improve work efficiency, but every hospital was worried that it would cause data leakage or information obtained by competitors. The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Lenovo Research Institute creatively introduced blockchain technology, and the team designed a new blockchain protocol, hoping to eliminate the concerns of hospitals about data privacy through this protocol, while enhancing the momentum of cooperation between all parties.
        In this blockchain, all parties involved share knowledge about the data rather than the data itself through the blockchain protocol. Similar to the violent mining in bitcoin, it has also become a meaningful model training. The blockchain agreement encourages all parties involved to abide by the rules of the game and finally receive corresponding remuneration according to their respective contributions. BDML technology can encourage many hospitals to effectively integrate "isolated" data and train better models. This is a huge innovation. Previously, in order to solve similar problems, Google proposed a joint learning concept, which took a big step towards solving data privacy on the basis of distributed training. However, Google's joint training requires a server as an intermediate node that everyone trusts, but BDML does not have such an intermediate node.
        This paper is just the beginning. The AI computing platform team of AI laboratory hopes that BDML technology can help create multiple communities with the same goals, and everyone in the community will work together to promote technological progress and jointly benefit mankind.
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