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Blockchain + wealth management instinct housekeeper wants to make Internet wealth management products more transparent

Time : 03/06/2022 Author : s546xm Click : + -
        Blockchain has attracted more and more attention from various industries because of its tamper free, forgeable and non repudiation characteristics. However, these characteristics naturally conform to the characteristics of the financial industry, but they have never been well applied in the financial field. The traditional financial industry has been very mature in terms of regulation and process system. As a technology that has not been verified on a large scale, blockchain is difficult to join this ancient industry. With the rise of the Internet, the Internet financial industry is a wilderness compared with traditional financial businesses. However, the mixed industry conditions and endless negative news make people dare not trust Internet Finance easily. Therefore, the demand of blockchain in Internet financial applications should be far greater than that of traditional financial industries.
        Therefore, a blockchain project called ifmchain hopes to change the trust mechanism of Internet financial products and make assets more secure through information transparency. Ifmchain is a blockchain public chain product developed by instinct housekeeper, which is mainly aimed at providing undeniable and reliable data services for Internet Financial platforms. In short, Internet finance companies put their financial products on the ifmchain platform, through which users can clearly know the source of each income. So what are the benefits for the consumers and producers of financial products? In other words, as a tob project, why should Internet financial products play with you?.
        Yang Shuiling, CEO of instinct housekeeper, told 36 krypton that ifmchain was not aimed at customers with sufficient platform reputation such as Alipay or bank. On the contrary, Internet financial enterprises often face the dilemma of difficult promotion of good financial products due to the lack of good credit endorsement and the impact of adverse events in the industry, which is the problem that ifmchain wants to solve. For example, if the financial products launched by Alipay are 4% to 5% annualized, and an unknown company gives 10%, then it is obvious that you will worry that this company is a fraud and choose Alipay with low income.
        If you access ifmchain, you can clearly know the source of your income and whether your income comes from the next person's principal or investment income &hellip& hellip;, In this way, users can identify the risks to a certain extent, and the company can also develop its Internet finance business smoothly. In practical application, in order to meet the regulatory requirements, ifmchain not only establishes unchangeable underlying data through blockchain technology, [Yang Shui Ling 1] but also introduces active supervision of regulatory nodes, which solves the problems of platform data fraud, difficult supervision by regulators and untimely supervision of regulatory data, and provides users, platforms and regulators with undeniable and reliable data.
        First, support mobile networks: blockchains such as btc/eth support traditional PC networks, and support unstable mobile networks is weak. In the case of terminal mobility, there will be continuous reconnection and unable to provide application layer services. In ifmchain, ifmchain can provide good support for portable mobile terminals. Even in the case of network instability, it can also provide application layer services, so that blockchain nodes can participate in any network. Secondly, ultra light storage: BTC blockchain requires huge storage space of dozens of G, some even larger, which requires nodes to provide proprietary high-capacity storage devices. In ifmchain, the space required by ifmchain will be reduced by about 100 times, or even smaller, because it only needs to store the data after the blockchain hash tree and key checkpoints.
        In terms of asset security, wallets such as btc/eth must rely on centralized servers, and theft often occurs. Ifmchain provides truly private decentralized wallets. Wallets are no longer stored on a third-party central server, but directly access blockchain nodes, better protecting the private key of wallets, and wallets are no longer lost due to third-party credit and security problems. In terms of the most important transaction speed, BTC's transaction speed is 6.7 transactions per second, ETH's transaction speed is 25 transactions per second, IBM's super ledger theory peak is 200 transactions per second, and ifmchain's transaction speed can reach 1000 transactions per second.
        Yang Shuiling, CEO of instinctive housekeeper, said that with the upgrading of network bandwidth in the future, the transaction speed will be further improved. Daily headlines, industry information, hot news, gossip, and follow-up Weibo broadcasts throughout the day. All kinds of revelations, inside stories, lace, and information are swept away. Millions of internet fans interact and participate. Techweb's official Weibo is looking forward to your attention.
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