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Digital science and technology to assist the security deposit to solve the problem of migrant workers' wages

Time : 11/12/2021 Author : 2pqls7 Click : + -
        As mentioned in the previous author's article, on August 17, 2021, the Ministry of human resources and social security, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the Ministry of transport, the Ministry of water resources, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, and the Railway Administration jointly issued the provisions on the wage guarantee of migrant workers in the field of engineering construction. The article puts forward the solutions to the wage security of migrant workers in China, that is, the payment and management measures of migrant workers' wage security deposit. In fact, migrant workers' wage security deposit and migrant workers' wage guarantee are jointly implemented by the State Council, the housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, the China Banking Regulatory Commission and other departments in accordance with the current wage arrears faced by China's engineering industry, That is to say, in the sector of migrant workers' wage deposit, China has no reference object.
        At present, in terms of the payment method of migrant workers' wage deposit in China, nearly 30 cities across the country have opened the form of bank guarantee to replace the cash payment of migrant workers' wage deposit, but most regions require that the issuing bank of migrant workers' wage guarantee is the four major state-owned banks, or the banks with sub branches in local cities. However, at present, migrant workers' wage guarantee is very disadvantageous to the banking industry for risk control, so construction enterprises often have many difficulties in applying to the bank for issuing migrant workers' wage guarantee. Therefore, enterprises prefer to use the migrant workers' wage guarantee issued by the guarantee company as the main body. At present, 12 cities across the country support the use of guarantee company guarantees to replace the cash payment of migrant workers' wage deposits, so as to reduce the burden on enterprises and protect migrant workers' wages.
        Suzhou, where the author is located, supports the guarantee company to replace the cash payment of migrant workers' wages, but there are quite strict requirements for the guarantee company. For details, please ask the author by private letter. In the current social context, big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology have gradually changed the production mode of the whole society, as well as the operation mode of the traditional industry of construction engineering industry, which has an indelible impact on the modernization of the construction industry, and the endless problem of migrant workers' wage arrears has become the first difficulty of change. Migrant workers, a slightly derogatory word, Indeed, the builders of beautiful cities and the conquerors of infrastructure difficulties have made indelible contributions to the development of the country.
        The problem of wage arrears of migrant workers is common, and the underlying reason is that the market in the field of engineering construction is not standardized, and there are violations of subcontracting, affiliated contracting, illegal subcontracting, etc. once these violations occur, the first to be injured is always the workers at the bottom. The large amount of construction projects, long interest chain, and non-standard management exacerbate the problem of wage arrears of migrant workers. After these years of development, the blockchain technology that people always heard of in the past has become more and more widely used. With the promotion of the state, xiong'an New Area in Hebei Province, close to Beijing, has successfully achieved the first "blockchain" digital RMB wage payment. This new means of wage payment is to drive fund application and fund payment through blockchain Technology Smart contracts, Thus, the management and control of the construction project from the owner to the general contractor to the subcontractor are realized, and the timely and timely allocation of funds by the owner, the general contractor and the Subcontractor is realized, which effectively solves the problem of migrant workers' wage payment.
        Paying wages in the form of blockchain can also effectively reduce the operating costs of enterprises from the transaction rate, and it also plays a certain role in the operation of construction engineering enterprises.
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