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Is IPFs mining profiteering? Filecoin is a reliable online money making project!

Time : 27/02/2022 Author : hdg80v Click : + -
        Recently, the digital currency industry has enjoyed a good time. In addition to the major news about the implementation of digital currency demonstration sites by the National Central Bank, BTC also soared to $13000, breaking the new high since 2020. The stock market is stable, and the bull market has begun. Filecoin is a unique website. Its name is "a unique spring is coming, and a hundred flowers bloom". When the whole currency market is in high spirits, filecoin has recently fulfilled its previous service commitment. The main website, a very large activity, has attracted thousands of investors in the digital currency industry. Although the pledge on the main Internet has experienced some events, thanks to the hard work of filecoin's official website and promoters, the ups and downs of the rapid sales market can be attributed to stability.
        In addition, at the soon ended "filecoin" award ceremony, filecoin's online Week theme activities attracted the active participation of many investors and technology geeks, and the overall atmosphere was harmonious and active. From the recent main performance of filecoin, it is no exaggeration to say that filecoin can be said to firmly occupy the C position of the market. Looking back on the history of filecoin, from the landing of pipecoin in 2017, to today's main website online, and then to the development trend, assuming that it is only a general new project in the currency market, it may have been paid attention to for three years, but it has fallen into a depression like this, so why can filecoin still be popular, and even something that makes the currency market so worried?.
        This is why hardening requires its own hardness. In the final analysis, it is because filecoin itself has enough high quality. Filecoin is not only an incentive layer of IPFs, but also a blockchain project. It is normal to put some foam in blockchain projects. When speculation in the market is serious, the price of filecoin will fluctuate greatly, but the bottom value of filecoin has not changed. In distributed systems, from a technical point of view, distributed system technology has been developing for many years, but the threshold of storage technology is very high. Filecoin is not only an Internet, it creates a self circulating market economy system, and blockchain technology also promotes this kind of sales market to have a stable natural environment formed entirely by the development of filecoin.
        It should be noted that filecoin is a zero trust storage. Therefore, filecoin for IPFs and its new projects cannot be limited to the perspective of regional chain technology in this field. For real commercial project construction, it can import the total flow beyond a few circles. In the future, the development trend of filecoin will undoubtedly integrate development, design and application, putting all valuable data and information in front. For example, if you are a company that stores the data and information of all enterprises on Alibaba cloud servers or Tencent cloud services, it costs 1million yuan per month. Now you need to use filecoin Internet, which costs 300000 yuan or less per month, reduces the cost by 7.1 million yuan, and the flow of data and information is more secure and fast, then you are the boss. Which one can you choose?.
        Filecoin's blockchain technology provides a way to promote the hardware configuration industry to participate in new projects, and earn profits by running certified network servers. Of course, this logic will also become a bridge connecting inside and outside the digital currency circle, and constantly siphon assets and technologies from all walks of life into filecoin. Filecoin has contributed to the trouble recently. Due to the lack of appropriate caution against the green ecology of filecoin, it is vulnerable to market fluctuations and has a poor psychological state. However, things are not plain sailing. As a saying goes: the Roman Empire was not completed in a day. The official Tencent and Alibaba are not developing Internet technology all day long, and apple in the United States is not developing a market capitalization of hundreds of millions of dollars all day long. This is a growth process.
        Even today's "money market brother" — BTC has also experienced all kinds of ups and downs, and it has developed for ten years to reach today's level. Most of those who first came to buy servers to obtain BTC are based on network servers, and then become successful cases of money market princes. The development of filecoin also takes time. The sales market is still ups and downs at this stage, but the true face will be revealed after the foam is squeezed out. Firmly believe that with the joint efforts of various forces, filecoin's green ecosystem will develop more healthily. In addition, it is expected that the sales market of filecoin will also tend to be stable, generally upward or upward.
        As the official network of filecoin often says, filecoin is related to the construction of application software and information content infrastructure, all of which highlight the joint efforts of people in these areas. Only by building each other can we successfully realize the enterprise vision of blockchain technology Internet. Society has created such a broad stage for us, and we also have many higher stages that need our mutual cooperation. This is the truth of what we call "after a thousand trials and tribulations, gold can only be seen after washing out the yellow sand". More and more times, partners need to maintain a rational investment thinking on the project, and can't take chances. Filecoin's long-term income will undoubtedly give investors a satisfactory answer.
        At present, this is just the beginning of filecoin network. Builders, investors, passport holders, entrepreneurs, activists, real estate developers, missionaries, they jointly created the birth of filecoin main network and brought it to an incredible future. There is still uncertainty in the future, but filecoin, as a new way of Internet technology distributed system, is encouraged on the basis of blockchain application. With so many promoters, its development is self-evident. Filecoin's vision is a cross era technology, and its value will take time to manifest. Therefore, everyone should keep his eyes long and his state steady. Although the road will be more bumpy than expected, technology is the boat and confidence is the sail. Everyone will eventually reach the other side and meet the filecoin of the future.
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