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China holds the first industrial blockchain summit to release the "trust infrastructure" in the industrial field

Time : 14/07/2021 Author : b2gexl Click : + -
        As a product of the integrated development of new generation information technology and manufacturing industry, industrial blockchain has developed rapidly in the world. November 28, Guangzhou Daily · Xinhuacheng reporter learned that the world's first international industrial blockchain conference was held in China. The 2021 international industrial blockchain conference of "district smart manufacturing links are unbounded" showed the latest situation of China's industrial blockchain development to the world through online live broadcast. The conference not only released the rootchain industrial blockchain basic service platform, but also synchronously released the achievements of four think tanks, including "industrial blockchain: new opportunities to help industrial enterprises upgrade applications", which deeply interpreted the industry policies and hot spots, discussed the industry's cutting-edge core technologies and products, and presented a wealth of applications and scenarios in the industry.
        The conference officially released the blockchain underlying technology service platform &mdash& mdash; Rootchain blockchain trusted industry digital enabling platform (hereinafter referred to as rootchain). It is reported that rootchain is a blockchain service platform with independent intellectual property rights built for enterprises to implement industrial blockchain applications and reduce the threshold and cost of using blockchain technology. It will provide directly usable applications or micro services for industry, manufacturing and software development enterprises that meet the general needs of the market, covering "trusted deposit", "anti-counterfeiting and traceability of industrial products", "equipment financial leasing platform", "capacity financing" Five typical scenarios of blockchain applications of "park enterprise services".
        It can be described as "trust infrastructure" in the field of industry 4.0. Yu Xiaohui, President of the China Academy of information and communication and chairman of the industrial Internet industry alliance, proposed that the deep integration of blockchain and other new generation information and communication technologies with the whole process and chain of all fields of industry can promote the digitalization, networking and intelligent transformation of industry and even the real economy, and accelerate the development track of high quality. He Dongdong, vice president of the industrial Internet industry alliance and co-founder and CEO of Shugen Internet, said in his keynote speech that rootchain, as an industrial blockchain, is mainly used to build an ecological intelligent manufacturing system, which will greatly improve the efficiency of ecological collaboration and ecological transactions. Sometimes, the improvement of the efficiency of this ecological type may be much greater than the improvement of the internal efficiency of enterprises, so the industrial blockchain is promising, It will certainly bring great help to the improvement of Intelligent Manufacturing in China.
        It is reported that in 2021, China's special development policies for blockchain were continuously issued, and the supporting policies were intensively released. The utilization rate of various industries was gradually increased, and the industrial scale was steadily increased. Looking forward to 2022, policy support and guidance, innovative application are still important driving forces for the development of blockchain. The coordinated development of blockchain and other new technologies will open up a new path for industrial development. China's blockchain will gradually form a new development pattern of national voice, local implementation, independent innovation, industry guidance, and reasonable supervision. The conference also released four major achievements, pointing out the direction for the implementation of industrial blockchain in the industrial industry. The industrial Internet industry alliance of the Chinese Academy of information and communications (AII), the trusted blockchain promotion plan (TBI) and the hyperledger jointly released the application guide for industrial blockchain, creating a set of "online" guidelines suitable for the development of China's industrial Internet, pointing out the direction for industry development and introducing Chinese experience to global industrial blockchain peers.
        The industrial Internet Industry Alliance (AII) of the Chinese Academy of information and communications and the trusted blockchain promotion plan (TBI) jointly released the "China Industrial blockchain case set", which is a highly representative, exemplary, innovative and scalable case and scheme. Gartner, an information technology research and consulting company, released the white paper "industrial blockchain: new opportunities to help industrial enterprises upgrade applications" on the spot, and combined with the practical application of blockchain technology in different scenarios, it deeply analyzed industry opportunities and technology practice paths. The MIT technologyreview, a technology and business think tank, released the 2021 industrial blockchain technology application and trend report on the spot, focusing on how the industrial Internet and blockchain technology are integrated and how the industrial blockchain technology and application trends, to gain insight into the innovation explosion and pay attention to the industry foam, so as to provide a practical basis for reshaping traditional businesses, promoting enterprise modernization and digital transformation.
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